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Edinburgh restaurateurs & Slow Food Edinburgh launch ‘fat’ suppers
Edinburgh restaurateurs & Slow Food Edinburgh launch ‘fat’ suppers


Edinburgh restaurateurs & Slow Food Edinburgh launch 'fat' suppers Slow Food Edinburgh has teamed up restaurateurs, Victor and Carina Contini, to launch a new series of fat-themed suppers across the capital this spring. 

Starting Tuesday 18th February, the series of 'Big Table Slow Food suppers' will explore the history around the fats used in cooking and the role of fat on menus today. Diners will get an insight into how olive oil was introduced to the British Isles during the Roman occupation until being replaced with butter after the Norman invasion in the 11th century.

People will also learn more about how lard was used as a substitute for butter during World War Two but has been a staple of Italian regional cooking for centuries. 

Industry experts will discuss the health benefits of valuable Omega 3 fish oil, the bad fats in our modern diet, along with fad fats, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, rapeseed oil and the devastating impact of certain palm oils. 

From 6.30pm on Tuesday 18th February, Edinburgh foodies can look forward to an evening of food and wine with Carina Contini and special guest speaker Sofia Di Ciacca, a Scots-Italian olive oil producer from Lazio. This 'supper' menu will include chargrilled seasonal Italian vegetables served with a Bramata polenta, salted anchovies and I Ciacca extra virgin olive oil, as well as olive oil pistachio and rose-water cake with crème-fraiche. 

On 24th March from 6.30pm, Nick Sinclair from The Edinburgh Butter Co. will be the guest speaker at Cannonball Restaurant & Bar on Castlehill. Butter and cream will be star ingredients. This 'supper' menu will include roasted parsnip velouté and crème brûlée. 

On 21st April from 6.30pm, Sorina Savascu from East Coast Cured will be championing lard at The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant. The menu comprises Aberdeen buttery baked with Biggar Blue walnuts and poached pear, East Coast Cured Pork belly with Kitchen Garden leaves and pickled beetroot plus suet pudding with custard. 

Tickets for the new fat-themed 'Big Table Slow Food suppers' at Contini venues across Edinburgh are now available from £20 per person for Slow Food Edinburgh Members and £22.50 per person for non-members, including two courses and a small glass of wine.

To book and for more information visit: Contini


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