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Cafe Renroc Rocks
Cafe Renroc Rocks



Same name, same corner, different owners. But, same unbeatably brilliant atmosphere.

Ownership changed hands recently with Billy and Jane (also of Earl of Marchmont and The White Horse) keeping their claim downstairs at Nevo Health but giving over the keys of Renroc to Debbie Taylor. Friends old and new are in attendance tonight to see what's new at this friendly little neighborhood favourite.

Quite the wee house warming. As upstairs is buzzing, candle-lit tables lead the way through the den below with a live DJ and samples of cheese, olives, sun-blushed tomatoes and a mixed green salad with salami and marinated tomatoes. We help ourselves. Smiling waitstaff bustle about offering glasses of wine and bowls of beef stew that hit the spot on the first truly chilly evening of the season.

Debbie's a self-professed wine afficionado who is understandably chuffed at her rejuvenated wine list as well as the addition of the Belgian-style Blue Moon, the hottest US import beer of the moment. She also has a Scotland-based beer expert from Coors on-hand tonight to indulge anyone interested in all that's new with the brews.

Perfect place to spend a Friday eve away from annoying crowds and pretentious bars, hidden away in a perfectly warm and cozy corner. We at Bite Magazine whole-heartedly approve. (Kelly Rae Smith)

91 Montgomery Street
Edinburgh, EH7 5HZ
Phone: 0131 556 0432
Website: www.renroc.co.uk

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