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A Spanish Food Fiesta at Cafe Andaluz Restaurants 50% OFF Tapas
A Spanish Food Fiesta at Cafe Andaluz Restaurants 50% OFF Tapas


To celebrate Spain's National Day Cafe Andaluz are running a 'Fiesta Nacional de España' this week.

Andalucía is the soul of Spain and from Sunday 13 October - Thursday 17 October guests dining at Cafe Andaluz  restaurants can enjoy a selection of the best Spanish tapas and wine.

The menu available for a limited time only is priced at £24 and includes the choice of any 5 tapas and 2 desserts between 2 people.

Customers who book at Cafe Andaluz during this time will also be entered into a prize draw to win an all expenses paid trip to the Spanish region to soak up the very best of flamenco, fiestas, sherry, siestas, sun-gilded hilltop towns and shimmering sea.

The 'Fiesta Nacional de España' menu includes:
TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA - a traditional mainstay of Spanish tapas, tortilla is a thick omelette filled with sliced potato & onion
ENSALADA ANDALUZA - a salad of asparagus tips, artichokes & sun blush tomatoes with a sweet hinamin dressing
PATATAS BRAVAS - skin-on halved new potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce & alioli
ENSALADA DE PIÑONES - a salad of pearl couscous, cherry tomatoes and Spanish olives, tossed with lemon, olive oil, sea salt, fresh basil & toasted pine nuts

Fish Tapas include
CALAMARES - crisp-fried classic calamari rings served with fresh lemon & smoked paprika alioli
LUBINA CON SALSA MEDITERRÁNEA - fillet of sea bass with slow-cooked red peppers, garlic, paprika, chilli, black olives, capers & anchovies and GAMBAS PIL PIL - hot roast king prawns with olive oil, chilli, paprika & garlic

Meat tapas include:
ALBÓNDIGAS - traditional spiced pork & beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce
CHORIZO AL VINO - sliced chorizo sautéed in red wine and a restaurant favourite
CROQUETAS DE JAMÓN Y QUESO - crisp croquettes stuffed with Serrano ham & mozzarella cheese, served with garlic alioli.


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