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The Creel Deal - Edinburgh Restaurants to serve Lobster Rolls
The Creel Deal - Edinburgh Restaurants to serve Lobster Rolls


Three Edinburgh restaurants have secured an exclusive partnership with Amity Fish Company to supply the city with some of Scotland’s best lobsters and langoustine. 


Badger & Co. on Castle Street, Kyloe Restaurant & Grill on Rutland Street and Element on Rose Street will be serving up top quality lobster from Amity Fish Company of Peterhead.

Amity Fish Company is headed up by star of the BBC’s BAFTA award-winning series ‘Trawlerman’, Jimmy Buchan. Jimmy has fished the waters of the North East of Scotland for over forty years and has built up an enviable reputation for sourcing top quality Scottish seafood.

Amity Fish Company is a certified sustainable seafood company by the Marine Stewardship Council which is working to end over-fishing and ensure a bright future for wild seafood.  

The three restaurants will be serving the best lobster from Amity Fish Company on a special menu to celebrate Scottish seafood.
The speciality will revolve around lobster rolls to highlight the taste sensation of Scottish lobster. Andante Bakery in Morningside have produce the perfect bread roll to complement the lobster.

The lobster will be served in a New England style roll that is light and buttery, drizzled with lemon and herb butter and served with hand-cut chips and a side salad. Group Executive Chef of Signature Pub Group, Ross Ingleson’s said : "We are lucky to have such incredible seafood in Scotland but often we find that it is being shipped abroad or when it does reach local restaurants, it can be very expensive. Our aim is to make Scottish seafood more accessible and serve it in a way that makes the most of its great flavour. We have worked with Amity Fish Company for a number of years and have developed a great partnership with Jimmy so we’re delighted to serve their incredible lobsters to our customers. The lobster rolls are best enjoyed with a pale glass of Provence rosé wine, making it the perfect treat to enjoy this summer.” 

Jimmy Buchan, Manager of Amity Fish Company said: "Our lobsters are creel-caught from the waters surrounding Peterhead by a team of local fisherman with generations of knowledge in the surrounding area in conditions which we believe produce the best lobsters in the world. Our lobsters arrive at the restaurants within 24 hours of them being in the sea, so diners will be enjoying the freshest Scottish seafood available. It is great to be a part of this new project with Ross and the team at Signature Pub Group and to see our produce being served across Edinburgh. Not only will this partnership be bringing amazing seafood to the city, but it will also be providing additional business to local fisherman in the north-east which will directly benefit the community.” 

The Scottish lobster rolls are now being served from Element, Badger & Co. and Kyloe Restaurant & Grill. Kyloe Restaurant & Grill will be serving the lobster rolls with hand-cut chips and a side salad for £15. Badger & Co and Element will be serving the lobster rolls with hand-cut chips, a side salad and a glass of Provence rosé wine for £20. 


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