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Meadows Tardis regenerates again - vegan burgers from Lazy Lettuce
Meadows Tardis regenerates again - vegan burgers from Lazy Lettuce


If  Doctor Who had reincarnated in Edinburgh in 2019, the timelord might be surprised at the current food boom in veganism.  And now the ‘tardis’ at Melville Drive will be the permanent home of Edinburgh based vegan burger company Lazy Lettuce.

Many people have been trying veganism for health, animal welfare and environmental reasons. Marvin Amm, the founder of Lazy Lettuce Burgers was a committed meat eater but decided to go vegan in 2018 after over 6 years being vegetarian. He discovered that finding a decent vegan burger was impossible.  After a lot of research he sourced a plant based burger patty that even meat eaters will enjoy.

Lazy Lettuce has built up a core following through weekly pop ups at the Well café at Nicolson Square, Bijou Bistro by Leith Links and the Leith Walk policebox.  But they have been looking for a permanent venue so that eventually people can get a satisfying plant based burger at an affordable price all week round - whether they are vegan or not. Marvin says:
"I grew up in a family where every meal would include a large portion of meat. When I became vegetarian and later vegan I never quite lost the taste for meat and have never been satisfied with the offerings on the market for realistic meat-like veggie burgers. This is why we set out to provide vegan meat-alternatives for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. We have had great reception to our weekly pop-up venue and we hope we can take our offering to the next step by having a more permanent fixture in the meadows. We encourage everyone, meat-eaters and vegans and vegetarians alike to take the taste challenge!"

Opening offers: First 50 Customers get their burger for free.
Opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays 11:30 - 14:30 (or until we sell out of burgers)
Contacts: Please contact [email protected] or call 07990845285 for more details.Lazy Lettuce
After being founded in 2017 Lazy Lettuce has been on a mission to bring the meatiest non-meat burgers to the growing community of Vegans, Vegetarians and Meat-eaters in Edinburgh.
Location: A700, Edinburgh EH9 1JZ (Next to the Pavillion Cafe in the Meadows)



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