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Apollonia Poilâne, of the legendary French bakery, joins Tiptree World Bread Awards with Brook Food 2019 judging panel.
 Apollonia Poilâne, of the legendary French bakery, joins Tiptree World Bread Awards with Brook Food 2019 judging panel.


"We are thrilled to welcome Apollonia Poilâne to the judging panel,” says Caroline Kenyon, Founder/Director of the Awards. "She is held in hugely high regard by so many around the world and it will be wonderful to welcome her to London in September.”

Apollonia spearheads the Poilâne business, which she took over in 2002 at the age of 19. She is the third generation of her family to run the world-famous bakery founded by her grandfather who first opened the doors of Poilâne in Paris in 1932. She has remarkably transformed the business into an international brand which sells its bread in 1200 retail outlets around the world.

She will be judging one of the most fiercely fought categories of the Awards - Brook Food Sourdough, which, for 2019, has been split into two: Plain Authentic Sourdough and Authentic Sourdough with added ingredients. The category is sponsored by Brook Food Processing Equipment who are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.

"This year, an astonishing 90 judges will be gathering on the big day,” says Caroline. "It’s a major logistical task to bring the loaves in from around the UK, each one is allocated a number and judged anonymously.”

Top prize is £1000 with a host of KitchenAid equipment along with national publicity, while lucky category winners are also invited to the historic fruit farms at Tiptree in Essex. 

Tiptree World Bread Awards with Brook Food – open for entries from 5 February 2019 until 4 September 2019. 


Poilâne began in 1932 in Saint-Germain-des-Prés when Pierre Poilâne decided to make bread his way: generous loaves made from stone ground wheat, a natural sourdough fermentation and baked in a wood-fired oven, favouring quality over quantity.Poilânecontinues today as the epitome of artisanal craftsmanship in the bakery world, with loaves that are handmade, and cooked using only natural fermentation techniques with no preservatives or additives. Today, the breads are present in all regions in France and in more than 30 countries, with two locations in London. As well as their famous sourdough bread, Poilâne's range extends to walnut bread, rye bread, rye & raisin bread, brioches, pastries and butter cookies.

Apollonia Poilâne: As a third-generation baker, Apollonia took inspiration from her grandfather, Pierre Poilâne, who founded the family enterprise in 1932, and her father Lionel Poilâne, a visionary baker who helped the craft regain its former glory. Apollonia learnt to study bread, understand the fermentation process, mould the dough and bake the bread in a wood-fired oven with emphasis on quality bread that provides nourishment. Since taking over the company in 2002, Apollonia has opened bakeries in France, London and other destinations around the world, continuously creating new products (pepper bread, corn bread, buns, gingerbread, bread chips). Apollonia prides herself on the transformation of grain through the fermentation process to create wholesome products in Poilâne®bakeries worldwide.

Brook Food are suppliers of bakery equipment to the entire industry from micro-bakeries right the way to industrial plants, they are passionate about the bakery industry and proud to pass on this enthusiasm to their customers when working with them on equipment solutions for their businesses 

Tiptree is headline sponsor of the World Bread Awards. The first Tiptree preserves were made in 1885 and Tiptree jams and preserves are now sold across the world, many of them made with fruit still grown on their farms in Essex www.tiptree.com

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