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Sugar off with Mama Bross this weekend!
Sugar off with Mama Bross this weekend!


Founder of renowned Bross Bagels, Larah Bross aka Mama Bross is bringing her favourite Montreal tradition to town this weekend. 

To start the Christmas holidays off in style, she will be serving her favourite Canadian treat – ‘Sugaring off’ which is the act or process of converting maple syrup in to sugar for you all to enjoy this weekend. 

This Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd December from 1pm at their Leith shop, come down for some Canadian sugar on ice! Join Mama Bross as she pours Canadian maple syrup onto a block of ice and turns it into maple syrup iced lollies for all. 

Stationed outside Leith shop this Christmas frosty weekend you can join in this traditionally sweet Canadian lolly syrup making fun. Grab a wooden lolly stick and twist over the ice to create your very own Canadian maple syrup lolly.  It’s Mama Bross’ gift to you - so while you wait for your tasty, fresh, organic bagels this weekend you will be sweet treated. Merry Chrismakkah from Mama Bross and the entire Bross Bagels team!

 *Please see last year’s video of ‘sugaring off’ to give you a better idea of this Canadian tradition* 

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