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New Shop in Morningside opens by Edward and Irwyn
New Shop in Morningside opens by Edward and Irwyn


Something enchanting and delicious stirs to the south!  This December in Morningside the highly-anticipated full-time shop for Chocolatiers Edward & Irwyn opens its doors to the public for the first time.

Previously only available on Saturdays from their tiny kitchen, and select cafes and shops across the UK, huge demand has meant that Edward & Irwyn will now have their very own shop in the South of Edinburgh selling their beautiful, delicious, artisan chocolates in time for Christmas.

Their creations are unique, sometimes unusual, and always an adventure!  Salted caramels that pop on your tongue to allow their delectable insides to melt in the mouth.  Chocolate shards inspired by the rugged and unforgiving landscapes of Iceland, with flavours such as black lava salt with vanilla, or the spices of Scandinavian baking.  Their chocolate-dipped honeycomb is made with seasonal local honey and the vegan version is made with a unique dandelion syrup produced in the Scottish borders.  They also produce their own drinking chocolate blends, and the most delicious freshly-made truffles.  Everything is made by hand by two talented and experienced chocolatiers, producing everything in small batches, all tempered on marble, from their tiny Morningside kitchen. This means they can create unique chocolate blends for every product, and make seasonal, sometimes weekly specials, often inspired by customer suggestions or seasonal produce. 

Vegan options are never an afterthought here, and many products are vegan by default, such as the drinking chocolates and the dandelion honeycomb.  They also run an ethical and eco kitchen, with everything from the packaging to the gloves they wear in production being compostable and/or recyclable.

The shop is located at 416 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 5HY, and will be open Mondays-Saturdays between 10am-5pm and 12pm - 4pm on Sundays. Also available from our soon to be relaunched online shop - www.edwardandirwyn.co.uk

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