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Congratulations to all the Scottish Winners in this year’s Great Taste Awards esp. those that received three stars namely:

Donald Russell – Easy Carve, Rib Roast, Dry-Aged Veal Rib Steak, Dry-Aged Veal Rump Cap, 
The Argyll Smokery – Kiln Roasted salmon, Smoked Trout
Short bread House of Edinburgh - Pea Green Cheese Sables 
Inverawe Smokehouses – Smoked Trout
Windy Hollow Farm Ltd – Back Tea.

You can peruse the full list of winner here:

3 Stars 

Easy Carve Carvery Rib Roast Hand prepared by our butchers so you simply roast, rest, snip the string, and lift the 35 day dry-aged, grass-fed beef off the bone to slice.Donald Russell www.donaldrussell.co.uk

Dry-aged Veal Rib Steak Tender milk veal, dry-aged on the bone for 21 days, hung on the whole ‘pistola’ primal for quality. Hand cut by one man, our head butcher, Mark.NLDonald Russell www.donaldrussell.co.uk

Dry-aged Veal Rump CapTruly tender milk veal, dry-aged on the bone for 21 days, for a more developed flavour. Very good, low temperature roasted, slice across the grain.NL3Donald Russellwww.donaldrussell.co.uk

Kiln Roasted SalmonRich and robust. West Highland Scottish salmon simply smoked, then gently kiln roasted to seal in the moist flaky textures.The Argyll Smokery www.argyllsmokery.com

Smoked Trout Argyll sea-going trout from remote West Highlands cured and smoked over oak. The Argyll Smokerywww.argyllsmokery.com

Pea Green Boat Cheese Sablés - OriginalCheese Sablés with Scottish cheddar & 24 month aged Italian Parmesan (48% cheese).  Organic locally milled flour.Shortbread House of Edinburgh Ltd. www.shortbreadhouse.com

Inverawe Smoked TroutOak smoked Scottish troutInverawe Smokehouses www.smokedsalmon.co.uk

WindyHollowBlackTea Grown and made in Scotland. Grown organically at our farm in Perthshire and made using traditional handrolling techniques over a three day period.WindyHollowFarm LtdWww.windyholloworganics.co.uk

 2 Stars

Cinnamon Shortbread Handmade butter shortbread with a wonderful cinnamon flavour. Definitely not just for Christmas.J G Ross (Bakers) Ltd www.jg-ross.co.uk

Oakcakes Hand made oatcakes packed with coarse ground Scottish oats and locally grown cold-pressed rapeseed oil.J G Ross (Bakers) Ltd www.jg-ross.co.uk

Original Orkney Dairy Ice Cream Ice cream made using fresh milk and cream from the Orkney islands, no vanilla means it relies on the quality of the milk and cream for flavour.The Orkney Creamery www.orkneyicecream.com

J Gow Rum Soaked Raisin Orkney Ice Cream Ice cream made using fresh milk and cream and spiced rum from the Orkney Islands and Californian raisins.The Orkney Creamery www.orkneyicecream.com

Salmon, Lemon, Caper and Dill Pie Puff pastry pie,a layer of creamy mashed potato base, then topped with steamed Scottish salmon bound in a creamy butter, caper, lemon and dill sauce.Simple Simon's Perfect Pies www.simplesimonspies.co.uk

Lemon Curd A zingy lemon curd. Small handmade batches using our own free range hen eggs.Thyme to Eatwww.errichel.co.uk

Hot Smoked Trout Cold smoked then hot smoked rainbow trout using Beech and Oak wood.Caithness Smokehouse www.caithness-smokehouse.com

Smoked Sea Salt Every sea salt crystal traditionally cold smoked with Scottish oak for 5 days, smokey notes, sprinkle/grind over eggs, steaks, tomatoes or for curing.Smoky Brae www.smokybrae.com

Japanese Style Miso with Added Mushrooms and Seaweed Organic Miso fermented for a minimum of 3 years; includes 5 varieties of seaweeds, 3 varieties of organic mushrooms and added herbs and spices Na'vi Organics www.naviorganics.uk

Caramel Biscoff Dairy Ice Cream Dairy ice cream with 80% dairy. Biscoff ripple and biscoff pieces. Luca of Musselburgh Ltd www.lucasicecream.co.uk

Vesperis Botanical Vodka A 40% botanical vodka based on Pictish heather mead. Distilled with organic heather honey, wild heather blossom & organic apples Blackford Craft Distillery Ltd www.blackfordcraftdistillery.co.uk

Raven Coconut Chocolate Bar 90gVegan friendly chocolate bar made using coconut milk powder and coconut sugar to give the bar its unique coconut flavour.Raven Chocolate www.ravenchocolate.co.uk

Granite North Gin It's a daring, juniper-forward gin that is smooth enough to enjoy on its own or in the traditional way with a light tonic.Granite North Spirits Www.granitenorthgin.com

Chocolate and Love: Rich Dark - Organic dark chocolate 71%71% dark, organic chocolate. Cacao beans from Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Peru and The Dominican Republic.CH2Chocolate and Love Ltd www.chocolateandlove.com

Chocolate and Love: Pomegranate - Organic dark chocolate with pomegranate 70% 70% dark, organic, single origin chocolate with pomegranate.  Cacao beans from Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Madagascar.Chocolate and Love Ltd www.chocolateandlove.com

Chocolate and Love: Coffee - Organic dark chocolate with coffee 55% 55% dark, organic chocolate with Arabica coffee. Cacao beans from Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Peru and The Dominican Republic.Chocolate and Love Ltd www.chocolateandlove.com 

Chocolate and Love: Creamy Dark - Organic creamy dark chocolate with cacao nibs 55% 55% creamy dark, organic chocolate with crunchy cacao nibs.  Cocoa beans from Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Dominican Republic and Peru.Chocolate and Love Ltd www.chocolateandlove.com

Argyll Smoked Salmonm A distinctive Scottish smoked salmon, cured to our signature cure, smoked, sliced and packed ... by hand.The Argyll Smokery www.argyllsmokery.com

Hawkhead Kitchen Oak Smoked Sea Salt Flakes Oak smoked and nothing else, substitute for standard salt in any dish for an extra layer of smoke & depth, great as a condiment or during cooking.Hawkhead Kitchen www.hawkhead.kitchen

Naturally Smoked Haddock fillets Responsibly sourced Scottish haddock fillets naturally smoked over oak shavings.Sutherlands of Portsoy www.sutherlandsofportsoy.co.uk

Shortbread House shortbread with aromatic lavender Shortbread subtly flavoured with aromatic French lavender flowersShortbread House of Edinburgh Ltd.www.shortbreadhouse.com

Shortbread House shortbread with White Chocolate and Hazelnut Truly handmade shortbread with roasted hazelnut and caramelised white chocolateShortbread House of Edinburgh Ltd.www.shortbreadhouse.com

Pea Green Boat Cheese Sablés with Cumin  Cheese Sablés with Scottish Cheddar & 24 month aged Italian parmesan (48% cheese), organic locally milled flour, Irish butter & cumin seedsShortbread House of Edinburgh Ltd.www.shortbreadhouse.com

Mey Selections Traditional Oak Smoked Salmon Fresh Scottish salmon fillets dry cured with salt and sugar gently smoked over oak chips from retired whisky casks for a delicate, moist, soft textureNorth Highland Products Limited www.meyselections.com

Heather Hills Farm Scottish Strawberry Jam 100% natural, handcrafted in small batches in traditional open pans in Scotland. Made with Perthshire Elsanta Strawberries pollinated by our own bees.Heather Hills Farm www.heatherhills.co.uk

Heather Hills Farm French Chestnut Honey 100% raw, traditionally gathered from the nectar of chestnut blossoms in the French Pyrenees. Strong and masculine with a rich, warm, oaky palate.Heather Hills Farm www.heatherhills.co.uk

Whisky Infused Cold Smoked Salmon Prime Scottish salmon, small batch- max 56 sides, delicate hint of local whisky, traditionally smoked with mature malt whisky barrel oak,46%ABV Skipness Smokehouse www.creelers.co.uk

ST. JAMES SCOTCH RESERVE OAK ROASTED SCOTTISH SALMON WITH WILD SCOTTISH DULSE SEAWEED & HONEY Scottish Salmon cured by hand using sea salt and brown sugar.Gently Oak roasted over smouldering oak wood & infused with Wild Scottish Seaweed & Honey St. James Smokehouse Ltd WWW.STJAMESSMOKEHOUSE.COM

BEARA 10.5% Russian Imperial Stout, pitch black and velvety smooth with rich bitter chocolate and espresso flavours.Windswept Brewing Co Ltd www.windsweptbrewing.com

Relaxing Digest A herbal infusion of Bulgarian peppermint, Egyptian chamomile and Hungarian lemon balm making a refreshing flavoured relaxing hot drinkHOT BREWS LIMITED wwwfancyabrew.com

Scottish Smoked Salmon 'D' sliced Scottish Salmon cured to a family recipe and then oak smoked.BELHAVEN SMOKEHOUSE LTD www.belhavensmokehouse.com

Red Box Classico Espresso The flavours from these coffees combine to give a rich, indulgent, smooth, slightly nutty flavour, a hint of dark fruits with chocolate velvety textur Red box cafes Ltd www.redboxcoffee.com

SS Steak & Ale Pie Correct cat. is Cooked pie. Chunks of prime Scotch Beef stewed with porter ale to create rich flavoursome gravy, hand finished in flaky pastry shellAldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk

Specially Selected Lightly Smoked Salmon Fillets Lightly Smoked over woodchips for a succulent texture and wonderfully rich flavour.GB2Aldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk

Specially Selected Filled Pasta Ricotta & Spinach Delicate round pasta parcels made with free range eggs and soft wheat flour, encasing a filling of ricotta, and tender spinach leavesAldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk

The Botanical Project Traditional Batch Gin Aromas of Lavender, Mint and Liquorice blended with the earthy spice of Black Pepper.Mix with Tonic, Lime and Aromatic Bitters or neat over ice.ABV43%Aldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk

Golden Ratio Ale A delicious golden ale with a red tint, as with pure gold - featuring a smooth textured, malty mouthfeel and sweet, lingering, fruity hop aromas.ABV4%Aldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk

Bere malt vinegar Malt vinegar created in the slow,traditional way, using an ancient form of barley grown in Orkney, (bere). Matured in oak barrels before bottling.Orkney Craft Vinegar orkneycraftvinegar.com

Smoked Streaky Bacon Traditionally cured without added water then smoked using a blend of wood chips including apple and beechRamsay of Carluke Ltd www.ramsayofcarluke.co.uk

PepperBack Finn Cracking cured & air dried belly pork using black pepper for background heat, juniper & bay leaves for aromatic overtones. Warm taste.Piggery-Smokery www.piggery-smokery.co.uk

Handmade Beef Dripping Oatcake Oatcakes were traditionally handmade on a griddle using beef dripping as shortening. We have reintroduced this as it adds a deliciously crispy crunch.New Alliance (Edinburgh) Ltd www.yourpiecebakingcompany.com

Gently Sparkling Apple and Raspberry Juice with water Gently sparkling, pure raspberry and Sussex apple juice with Dee Valley water.New Alliance (Edinburgh) Ltd www.yourpiecebakingcompany.com

Dandelion syrup Homemade syrup made from natural Dandelion flower and lemon juice.Lessadds Syrupswww.lessaddssyrups.co.uk

Black Pudding Black Pudding made to a traditional recipe in our small butchery in Fife.Deliciously spiced with a great depth of flavour and a velvety texture.The Buffalo Farm Ltd www.thebuffalofarm.co.uk

Buffalo Steak Pie A rich buffalo meat pie topped with a crumbly puff pastry lid. Handmade at our bakery in Fife.The Buffalo Farm Ltd www.thebuffalofarm.co.uk

Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream Dairy Ice Cream made using local Scottish Milk, Cream & Butter and Belgian Chocolate Giacopazzi's Wholesale Ice Cream www.giacopazzis.co.uk

Raspberry Yoghurt Frozen Raspberry YoghurtGiacopazzi's Wholesale Ice Cream www.giacopazzis.co.uk

Organic Red Kampot Pepper Late harvest Red Kampot Pepper. A sweet and fruit-filled pepper with an underlying heat that just keeps delivering. Use on shellfish, salads and game.BoTree Farm www.kampotpepperdirect.com

Steak & Black Pudding Pie  Handmade in Scotland, tender chunks of slow cooked steak, black pudding and a rich gravy all encased in a traditional golden pastry.Brownings The Bakers www.browningsbakers.com

Angels' Nectar Blended Malt Scotch Whisky - Rich Peat Edition - 46% vol.Blended Malt Scotch Whisky created from richly peated Highland Malts. 46% vol. 6YO, Non chill filtered, natural colour. Oozes a welcoming peat smoke. Highfern Ltd www.angelsnectar.co.uk

1 Star

Hot Chilli Oatcake BitesTraditional Scottish Oatcake with the hot addition of Chillies The Kindness Bakery www.thekindnessbakery.co.uk

Cheese & Chive Oatcake Bites Traditional Oatcakes family recipe with the addition of Mature Scottish Cheddar Cheese and crushed ChivesGB1The Kindness Bakery www.thekindnessbakery.co.uk




Dark Chocolate Gingers Dark Chocolate Gingers  The spicy intensity ignites your palate whilst the rich dark chocolate soothes the flames. Border Biscuits Ltd www.borderbiscuits.co.uk

Lemon Drizzle MeltsCandied lemon peel and a zestydrizzle make this the perfect biscuit to add some sunshine to your day. GBorder Biscuits Ltd www.borderbiscuits.co.uk

Jaffy's Mallaig Kippers Plump succulent herring traditionally cured and slowly smoked over oak fires in a 30ft traditional kiln, reminiscent of days gone by.J Lawrie & Sons www.jaffys.co.uk

Jaffy's Traditional Oak Smoked Salmon Scottish Salmon traditionally cured and smoked in Scotland, carefully hung over smouldering oak fires in our 30ft traditional brick kiln. J Lawrie & Sons www.jaffys.co.uk

Jaffy's Traditional Peat Smoked Salmon Scottish Salmon traditionally cured and smoked in Scotland, carefully hung over smouldering  peat fires in our 30ft traditional brick kiln. J Lawrie & Sons www.jaffys.co.uk

Jaffy's  Seaweed Cured Smoked Salmon Scottish Salmon cured and infused with seaweed carefully hung and smoked over smouldering oak fires in our 30ft traditional brick kiln.J Lawrie & Sons www.jaffys.co.uk

Middle Way Cherry A refreshing soft drink made using traditional kefir cultures and fruit juices. It contains half the sugar of popular sodas, without using sweeteners.Middle Way Ltd www.middle-way.co.uk

Butter BiscuitsHand made butter biscuits made to a traditional recipe J G Ross (Bakers) Ltd www.jg-ross.co.uk

Nairn's On The Go: Fruit & Seed OatcakesWholesome wholegrain oats, tasty flaxseed, currants and a touch of demerara sugar make for the perfect biscuit/oatcake hybridNairn's Oatcake swww.nairns-oatcakes.com

Shony A pure blend of four seaweed species, hand-harvested from the North Atlantic ocean, to create a versatile flavour enhancer for everyday use.Mara Seaweed www.maraseaweed.com

Orkney Gin Company Johnsmas Contemporary gin, fresh, fragrant and floral Orkney Gin Company www.orkneygincompany.co.uk

Orkney Gin Company Mikkelmas Contemporary gin, warming, spiced, smooth Orkney Gin Company www.orkneygincompany.co.uk

Orkney Gin Company Rhubarb Old Tom Old Tom styled gin, lightly sweetened and infused in freshly chopped rhubarb Orkney Gin Company www.orkneygincompany.co.uk

Sea Salted Caramel Brownie Fudgy gooey centred Brownie. Swirled with our own salted caramel sauce & topped with a light sprinkle of Scottish Sea Salt Artisana www.artisanabrownies.com

Double Chocolate Brownie Fudgy gooey centred Brownie, with a thin crispy top, studded with chunks of dark & milk chocolate & dusted with coco Artisana www.artisanabrownies.com

Liquorice and Blackcurrant Brownie Fudgy gooey centred Brownie, with a subtle hint of liquorice, liquorice pieces and swirled with Blackcurrant preserve Artisan www.artisanabrownies.com

Wee Veggie Haggis A blend of pulses, seeds and vegetables, bursting with flavour and mixed with oats and spices.Simon Howie Foods www.thescottishbutcher.com

Katy Cloud Marshmallows - Turkish RoseEastern delights in a marshmallow, the subtle rose fragrance conjures up exotic Persian nights, dusted with crushed rose petals! Katy Cloud Marshmallows www.katycloud.co.uk

Morocco Gold A single estate, extra virgin olive oil from olives grown and pressed in the Beni Mellal.region of Morocco. This is a new source for the UK market.Morocco Gold Ltd www.morocco-gold.com

Original Water Biscuit A savoury cracker biscuit for pairing with cheese.Stag Bakeries LTD www.stagbakeries.co.uk

Rosemary Water BiscuitSavoury biscuit cracker in 70mm size flavoured with Rosemary. Stag Bakeries LTD www.stagbakeries.co.uk

Traditional Cocktail OatcakeTraditional oatcake made in cocktail size to be used as a carrier for cheese, meats and fish. Stag Bakeries LTD www.stagbakeries.co.uk

Cheese Wafers Cheese wafers made with sprouted red wheat flourStag Bakeries LTD www.stagbakeries.co.uk

Edinburgh Gin's Pomegranate & Rose Gin Liqueur Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur is light and fragrant, evocative of sugar-dusted Turkish Delight. Blending ruby-red pomegranate seeds and damask rose petal Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd

The Original Traditional Scottish smoked salmon, done in the 'Old Aberdeen' style, with all processes being completed by hand. The Alexander Smokery Ltd.www.thealexandersmokery.com

Large Black Pork Sausages Sweet and with a depth of flavour seasoned with a little Thyme in a natural casing.Thyme to Eat www.errichel.co.uk

Smoked Pastrami A seasoned, oak smoked Pastrami made with Errichel Shetland Beef thinly sliced. Thyme to Eat www.errichel.co.uk

Earl Grey Tea & Bergamot 60% Dark Chocolate Earl Grey Tea & Bergamot 60% Dark Chocolate  - Single Origin Columbian Cocoa Coco Chocolatier www.cocochocolatier.com

chilli JamA fiery chilli sauceKintyre Preserves www.kintyrepreserves.com

Ardshealach Roast Smoked Salmon Pate A rustic flaky pate, handmade, small batch production, with sustainable farmed and traditionally roast smoked salmon.Ardshealach Fine Foods Ltd. www.ardshealach.com

Smoked Mussels Smoked Mussels using wood smoke (Beech & Oak).Caithness Smokehouse www.caithness-smokehouse.com

Smoked Haddock Cold smoked haddock using wood smoke (beech & oak wood).Caithness Smokehouse www.caithness-smokehouse.com

Smoked Garlic Rub Every ingredient traditionally smoked with Scottish oak before hand blending, garlic based rub, smokey notes, for meats, marinades & making dips.Smoky Brae www.smokybrae.com

Organic Jiaogulan Gynostemma Loose Tea Our gynostemma tea is grown on small organic farms in the highlands of Thailand where the air, water and soil are some of the best in the world Na'vi Organics www.naviorganics.uk

Raw Living Unpasteurized Honey - Mountain Wildflowers Mountain Wildflowers Honey Pure, Unpasteurized, Unfiltered, Fresh, Straight from the wild mountain located hives Na'vi Organics www.naviorganics.uk

Premium hand-cut Scottish tablet We are an arttisan manufacturer of premium hand-cut Scottish butter tablet made traditionally in copper pans on a gas stove, poured and cooled slowly.Campsie View Kitchen

Scottish Salmon Fillet portions with Seaweed & herb seasoning & Seaweed ButterPrime Scottish Atlantic Salmon fillets with a fine sprinkle of Scottish dulce & wakeme seaweed & seaweed butter to complement.HB Scotland Ltd T/A Highland Bay Seafoodswww.highlandbayseafoods.co.uk

Slow Cooked Pork BellyFree-range pork belly, marinated with salt, pepper and thyme, then cooked slowly for 10 hours on the bones for beautifully soft meat and melting fat.Donald Russell www.donaldrussell.co.uk

Conift Duck LegFree-range duck, raised in the Loué region of France, seasoned, cured and slow cooked so it's tender and tasty.Donald Russell www.donaldrussell.co.uk

Cranberry, Almond & Cinnamon Granola Small batch granola lovingly hand baked in Aberdeen. Based on jumbo oats naturally sweetened with honey & mixed with cranberries & almonds.The Good Granola Company www.thegoodgranolacompany.co.uk

FudgeA traditional Fudge which is luxuriously smooth and buttery, with a sweet deep flavour that melts in the mouth Tilly Confectionery Ltd www.mrstillys.co.uk

Double Cream Vanilla Rich and creamy made with milk and double cream from local Scottish dairy farms and a hint of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Equi's ice creamwww.equisicecream.co.uk

Raspberry Ripple Rich and creamy double cream ice cream made with fresh Scottish milk and double cream and a sweet raspberry compote rippled though Equi's ice creamwww.equisicecream.co.uk

Isle of Skye Sea Salt & CaramelCaramel meets sweet salted caramel ice cream using Isle of Skye Sea Salt to create a salted caramel ice cream with a salted caramel ripple.GB1Equi's ice cream www.equisicecream.co.uk

Rum & RaisinMarsala soaked raisins blended into a spicy Chairman’s Reserve rum ice cream Equi's ice cream www.equisicecream.co.uk

Scottish Tablet Smooth panna cotta ice cream packed with chunks of Scottish butter tablet.Equi's ice cream www.equisicecream.co.uk

Cullen Skink Pie Creamy filling made from fresh local ingredients including Eyemouth Smoked Haddock, vegetables and flour milled in East Lothian Jarvis Pickle Ltd www.jarvispickle.com

Balvenie St. Whisky Ice Cream - Sweet & SexyLuxury Single Malt Whisky dairy vanilla ice cream showcasing a Speyside Malt enabling the whiskies double casks maturation to shine, Scottish Milk Balvenie St. Whisky Ice Cream www.whiskyicecream.co.uk

Bhaile Sourdough Naturally leavened sourdough bread, made with 80% Canadian white wheat and 20% British wholemeal flour Bhaile Craft Bakery www.bhaile.co.uk

Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream Vanilla dairy ice cream made with real milk from local dairy. Product contains 86% dairy. Accompaniment for all desserts or on its own.. Luca of Musselburgh Ltd www.lucasicecream.co.uk

Sugar Free Kesar Mango Ice Cream Sugar and dairy free. Kesar mango ice cream, made using real mangoes. Suitable for vegans. Made using Stevia. Luca of Musselburgh Ltd www.lucasicecream.co.uk

Laprig Valley Bramley Apple Juice100% pure Bramley apple juice - no added sugar Laprig Valley Fruit www.laprigvalley.co.uk

Wagyu Steak Pie Our Wagyu Steak Pie is made using our own home breed Wagyu cattle to ensure the best quality we can produce. Allarburn Farm Shop www.allarburn.co.uk

Esker GinSmall batch artisan gin 42%vol distilled in traditional copper still with over a dozen botanicals inc. silver birch sap, heather, citrus, peppercorn. Esker Spirit swww.eskerspirits.com

Esker Honey Spiced Gin Small batch artisan gin 40%vol distilled in traditional copper still with over a dozen botanicals inc. silver birch, heather, citrus, cassia, honey.Esker Spirits www.eskerspirits.com

Campsie Glen Smoked Salmon Highland Cure Dry cured for at least 3 days, our salmon is then smoked with oak and cherrywood, dried, and hand carved.Campsie Glen Smokehouse Ltd www.campsieglen.co.uk

Campsie Glen Smoked Trout Island Cure Sea grown Rainbow Trout dry cured for at least 3 days in a blend of sea salt and Hebridean Seaweed.Smoked with oak/cherry. Hand sliced.Campsie Glen Smokehouse Ltd www.campsieglen.co.uk

Campsie Glen Smoked Halibut Island Cure Atlantic halibut dry cured for at least 3 days in blend of sea salt and Hebridean Seaweed.Smoked in oak/cherrywood. Hand sliced.Campsie Glen Smokehouse Ltd www.campsieglen.co.uk

Proper Biltong Biltong made properly. A quality cut of rump beef, marinated in a vinegar and spice mix and then dried. Braw Biltong Co www.brawbiltong.com

Sea Glass Gin 43% ABV gin; entire process - distillation to labelling by hand, traditional copper alembic still.. Juniper and 6 other botanicals.Deerness Distillery www.deernessdistillery.com

Smoked Scottish Trout Fresh Trout from the west coast of Scotland,smoked delicately using traditional oak chips from Whiskey barrels, 3 family generations, hand-sliced. Murray Smoked Products www.murraysmokedproducts.co.uk

Maple & Pecan Fudge By adding genuine Canadian maple syrup and hand toasted Pecans to our butter rich hand beaten fudge give this a smooth, luxurious and round finish The Ochil Fudge Pantry www.ochilfudgepantry.co.uk

Quafftide A traditional British IPA barrel-aged in Scotch Whiskey casks with an ABV 10.4%GB1St Andrews Brewing Company www.standrewsbrewingcompany.com

Pork SalamiSalami made with Scottish pork.Great Glen Charcuteriegreatglencharcuterie.com

Chocolate and Love: Madagascar - Organic Dark Chocolate 70% 70% dark, organic, single origin chocolate.  Cacao beans from Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Madagascar.Chocolate and Love Ltd www.chocolateandlove.com

Chocolate and Love: Orange - Organic dark chocolate with orange 65% 65% dark, organic chocolate with natural orange extract. Cacao beans from Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Peru and The Dominican Republic.Chocolate and Love Ltd www.chocolateandlove.com

Centre Cut Fillet SteaksOutdoor reared, grass-fed beef, traditionally aged for a minimum of 21 days. These neat, cylindrical steaks have been expertly ‘centre cut’ by hand. Donald Russell www.donaldrussell.co.uk

Sirloin Steak Succulent, hand cut ‘special trimmed’ steaks of grass-fed, outdoor reared beef, traditionally matured for 28 days for the best eating experience.Donald Russell www.donaldrussell.co.uk

Ribeye Steak Grass-fed beef, laced with tasty fat and dry-aged on the bone for 35 days, superb flavour in every bite. Hand selected, cut and packed by hand.Donald Russell www.donaldrussell.co.uk

Lamb Noisettes Thick little loin steaks wrapped around lamb fillet, with a thin layer of fat to caramelise in the pan, showcasing traditional butchery at its finest.Donald Russell www.donaldrussell.co.uk

Lamb Loin Roast with Pork, Mint & Thyme Prime boneless grass-fed lamb loin, hand cut, rolled and tied by our butchers with a chef-prepared mint and thyme stuffing, ready for your oven.Donald Russell www.donaldrussell.co.uk

Speyside Specialities Chilli Black Pudding A whole Black Pudding  450gm with Chilli.Speyside Specialities www.speysidespecialities.co.uk

GRANTS OF SPEYSIDE PORK SAUSAGES Pork Sausages using succulent UK pork and our own blended seasoning. Grants of Speyside www.grantsofspeyside.co.uk

GRANTS OF SPEYSIDE NATURAL HAGGIS Traditional Scottish Haggis made from a family recipe for 5 generations and cooked in a natural skin for that authentic traditional Scottish flavour.Grants of Speyside www.grantsofspeyside.co.uk

GRANTS OF SPEYSIDE TRADITIONAL HAGGIS Traditional Scottish Haggis made from a family recipe for 5 generations.Grants of Speyside www.grantsofspeyside.co.uk

GRANTS OF SPEYSIDE WHITE PUDDING White Pudding made from a traditional family recipeGrants of Speysid ewww.grantsofspeyside.co.uk

Cairn o Mohr Elderflower wine Full bodied, medium sweet, white wine fermented from foraged elderflowers by traditional method. 12.9%abvCairn o Mohr www.cairnomohr.com

Braes o Gowrie Sparkling Elderflower drink Medium sweet sparkling soft drink produced from an infusion of fresh local elderflowersCairn o Mohr www.cairnomohr.com
Cairn o Mohr Sparkling Elderberry drinkRich, full bodied sparkling soft drink made from fresh local elderflowers and elderberry juice Cairn o Mohr www.cairnomohr.com

Hot Smoked Salmon Salmon fillets, cured and then hot smoked over hickory wood.Donaldsons of Orkney www.donaldsonsoforkney.co.uk

Puddledub Smoked Middle Bacon This is a traditional dry cured bacon,combining the leanness of back and the flavour of the belly . It is aged for 2 weeks and then oak-smoked Puddledubwww.puddledub.co.uk

Mackie's Dark 70% Cocoa Chocolate Dark Chocolate with 70% Cocoa from Ghana MACKIE'S OF SCOTLAND www.mackies.co.uk and mackieschocolate.co.uk

Mackie's Mint (Dark) Chocolate with Scottish Mint Mint Dark Chocolate flavoured with a delicate sugared mint crisp

MACKIE'S OF SCOTLAND www.mackies.co.uk and mackieschocolate.co.uk

McKenzie Oatcakes Triangular Scottish OatcakesMckenzie Biscuits www.mckenzie-biscuits.com

Lemon Crunch Sweet crunchy lemon flavoured biscuit Mckenzie Biscuits www.mckenzie-biscuits.com

Oat & Honey Oaty biscuit flavoured with honey Mckenzie Biscuits www.mckenzie-biscuits.com

Hedgerow Jam Hedgerow jam with made by traditional open pan method in small batches! Made using Scottish raspberries & strawberries The Orchard (Biggar) Limited www.theorchardbiggar.co.uk

Luxury Butter Shortbread Scottish shortbread made with Scottish butter and Scottish flour -it melts in your mouth.The Orchard (Biggar) Limited www.theorchardbiggar.co.uk

Raspberry jamDelicious Raspberry jam made from Scottish berries by the traditional open pan method in small batchesGB1The Orchard (Biggar) Limited www.theorchardbiggar.co.uk

Smokey Tomato RelishTangy, spiced, smokey versatile relish to serve with meats and cheese. Perfect with good burgers, sausages and chicken in bbq season.The Spice Witch

Full-Flavoured Smoked Mussels Smoked mussels; rich and juicy, enjoy on hot buttered toast or straight out of the pot.The Argyll Smokery www.argyllsmokery.com

Smoked Trout Pate Handmade trout pate, tempting and delicious. The Argyll Smokery www.argyllsmokery.com

Handmade Kiln Roasted Pate Salmon pate, rich and rustic with lemon, butter, horseradish and Tabasco. The Argyll Smokery www.argyllsmokery.com
Mackerel Pate Handmade Smoked Scottish Mackerel Pate. The Argyll Smokery www.argyllsmokery.com

Hawkhead Oak Smoked Infusions - RosemaryI nfused then smoked, use as a cooking ingredient or condiment with the fine or coarse setting of the grinder. Good with lamb or breads.Hawkhead Kitchen www.hawkhead.kitchen

Hawkhead Kitchen Oak Smoked Infusions - Citrus Infused then smoked, use as a cooking ingredient or condiment with the fine or coarse setting of the grinder.Good with fish and chicken. Hawkhead Kitchen www.hawkhead.kitchen

Hawkhead Kitchen Oak Smoked Infusions - Chilli Infused then smoked, use as a cooking ingredient or condiment with the fine or coarse setting of the grinder.Hawkhead Kitchen www.hawkhead.kitchen

Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steak Sirloin steak from Aberdeen Angus, hung for 28 days minimum.The House of Bruar www.houseofbruar.com

Shortbread House Lemon Bites Real lemon fruit and the best Sicilian lemon oil.  Rich Irish butter and a touch of shortening to make a light, crisp biscuit. Shortbread House of Edinburgh Ltd.www.shortbreadhouse.com

Shortbread House Original Recipe Shortbread Made by hand using rich Irish butter and locally milled premium Scottish flour, rice flour and vegetable shortening for crisper, shorter texture Shortbread House of Edinburgh Ltd.www.shortbreadhouse.com

Harrods All Butter Shortbread Shortbread made with Irish butter (33%) and rice flour to give a crisp textureShortbread House of Edinburgh Ltd.www.shortbreadhouse.com

Shortbread House Sweet Oatie Biscuits Handmade biscuits with Scottish Oats, golden syrup and a hint of coconut Shortbread House of Edinburgh Ltd.www.shortbreadhouse.com

Pea Green Boat Cheese Sablés - Fennel and Chilli Cheese Sablés with Scottish cheddar, 24 month aged Italian parmesan, fennel seeds and chilli Shortbread House of Edinburgh Ltd.www.shortbreadhouse.com

Inverawe Smoked Salmon Oak smoked Scottish salmon.Inverawe Smokehouses www.smokedsalmon.co.uk

Inverawe Smoked organic salmonOak smoked Scottish organic salmon.GB1Inverawe Smokehouseswww.smokedsalmon.co.uk

Inverawe Smoked Mackerel Oak smoked mackerel.Inverawe Smokehouses www.smokedsalmon.co.uk

Mey Selections Traditional Scottish Gin Created using Rock Rose and a blend of local and traditional botanicals creating a unique taste 41.5% North Highland Products Limited www.meyselections.com

Artisan GI Wastle A wholesome Brown Bread which contains a mixture of seeds and grains. The shape lends itself to be great with soup. Macleans Highland Bakerymacleansbakery.com

Isle of Barra Oysters Fresh Pacific oysters. Isle of Barra Oysters www.isleofbarraoysters.co.uk

Heather Hills Farm Scottish Heather Comb Honey Scottish Heather Comb Honey Heather Hills Farmh www.heatherhills.co.uk


Heather Hills Farm Spanish Lavender Honey 100% raw , traditionally gathered from Spanish maritime lavender. Medium-sweet with delicate notes of lavender, with salty notes in its dry finish. Heather Hills Farm www.heatherhills.co.uk 

Fish PieFish cream  bechamel, prime Scottish salmon & home cured undyed smoked Scottish haddock topped with mashed potatoes and Scottish cheddar cheeseSkipness Smokehousewww.creelers.co.uk

ST. JAMES SCOTCH RESERVE SCOTTISH SMOKED SALMON WITH SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY & HONEY Scottish Salmon cured by hand using sea salt and soft brown sugar. Oak smoked and marinated in Single Malt Whisky & Honey.St. James Smokehouse Ltd WWW.STJAMESSMOKEHOUSE.COM 

ST. JAMES SCOTCH RESERVE SCOTTISH SMOKED SALMON - ORIGINALScottish Salmon filleted and cured by hand using only sea salt and brown sugar. Slowly smoked over smouldering Oak wood. St. James Smokehouse LtdWWW.STJAMESSMOKEHOUSE.COM 

ST. JAMES SCOTCH RESERVE SCOTTISH SMOKED SALMON WITH BEETROOT & BLOOD ORANGEScottish Salmon filleted and cured by hand using sea salt and brown sugar. Oak smoked and infused with fresh beetroot and blood orange zest & juice St. James Smokehouse Ltd  WWW.STJAMESSMOKEHOUSE.COM

ST. JAMES SCOTCH RESERVE OAK ROASTED SCOTTISH SALMON - ORIGINALScottish Salmon cured by hand using only sea salt and brown sugar. Gently oak roasted over smouldering oak wood St. James Smokehouse Ltd WWW.STJAMESSMOKEHOUSE.COM

ST. JAMES SCOTCH RESERVE OAK ROASTED SCOTTISH SALMON WITH SINGLE MALT WHISKY & HONEYScottish Salmon cured by hand using sea salt and brown sugar. Gently Oak roasted over smouldering oak wood and infused with Single Malt Whisky & Honey. St. James Smokehouse LtdWWW.STJAMESSMOKEHOUSE.COM 

Raspberry and Blueberry Jam A traditionally made raspberry jam with blueberries giving an extra depth of flavour. Thick consistency with whole fruit Jeely Jar Urban Preserves

Rora dairy Natural Yogurt Our yogurt is made on our family farm in Aberdeenshire using the traditional batch method with non-homogenised whole milk from our cows rora dairywww.roradairy.co.uk

Highland Pork Chorizo with Fennel SeedsFree range pork meat air dried sausage with mild seasoning and fennel seeds to lift flavours. Heat from black pepper.Highland Charcuterie and Smoke House Ltd

LIGHTHOUSE A  4.7% Kolsch style lager, delicately balanced and thirst quenching with subtle fruit aromas and clean malt flavours.Windswept Brewing Co Ltd www.windsweptbrewing.com

250g Shetland Salt Dried Cod MSC accredited sustainable Shetland Islands cod. Filleted, boned and skinned. Salted and dried to traditional method. Bacalao style ambient codThule Ventus Ltd www.saltcod.co.uk

Graham's The Family Dairy Gold Top Jersey Double Cream A luxurious cream - 48% fat extra thick double Jersey cream is pasteurised and separated from 100% fresh Jersey milk from our herd in Scotland. Graham's The Family Dairywww.grahamsfamilydairy.com

Graham's The Family Dairy Organic Slightly Salted SpreadableButter churned from cream that has been separated from organic whole, pasteurised milk; Salt is then added for an intense butter taste.Graham's The Family Dairy www.grahamsfamilydairy.com

Bramley Apple, Date & Stout ChutneyA combination of apple with warm spices and dark caramel from the stout and dates. Enjoy with cheddar, cold meats & pork pies. Baxters Food Groupwww.baxters.com

Pineapple, Coconut & Zesty Lime ChutneyA balance of pineapple & lime with a hit of chilli and a coconut finish.  Delicious with warm goats' cheese, sausages or a gammon glaze.Baxters Food Group www.baxters.com

Bass Rock Cure with NB GinNorth Berwick Gin cured smoked salmon lightly crusted with juniper berries and szechuan pepper.BELHAVEN SMOKEHOUSE LTD www.belhavensmokehouse.com

Scottish Smoked Trout 'D' SlicedScottish sea reared Rainbow Trout cured to a family recipe and cold smoked using oak shavings. BELHAVEN SMOKEHOUSE LTD www.belhavensmokehouse.com

Organic Rooibos TeaOrganic Rooibos Tea with mild sweet taste.Fair food Fine food www.jts.co.uk

V&C Eucalipto Honey 250gEucalipto (Eucaliptus) honey from an artisan producer in Tuscany.Valvona & Crolla Limited www.valvonacrolla.co.uk 

Isle of Skye Sea Salt - Pure Sea Salt Crystals Natural raw, unrefined sea salt from Skye loch water. Unique to UK, single-stage, solar evaporation process retains all trace minerals from sea.Isle of Skye Sea Salt Co Ltdwww.isleofskyeseasalt.co.uk

Hibiscus, Rose and Apple infusion This magical creation has fragrant rose blossoms and the delightfully sweet flavour of grapes. Simply hug in a mugRed box cafes LtdWww.redboxcoffee.com

On The RoadWest Coast US style IPA Soft Fresh Aroma oily orange peach grapefruit toffee pine dried florals. Crisp Dry Finish. Devanha Brewery Holdings (Trading as Beer Story)www.beerstory.co.uk

Clockwork ZestPorter. Intense roasted coffee flavour backed up by smooth chocolate and a hint of orange to finish.Devanha Brewery Holdings (Trading as Beer Story)www.beerstory.co.uk

Cracking KimchiHandmade, small batch, artisan Kimchi. It's naturally fermented, mixing traditional techniques with a modern twist. Edinburgh Fermentariumwww.edinburghfermentarium.co.uk

Luss Smokehouse Roast Beech Smoked SalmonRoast Smoked Scottish Salmon, smoked over beech with no sugar in the cure. Moist and succulentLuss Fine Foods Ltd (Luss Smokehouse)www.luss-smokehouse.com

Salar Flaky Smoked SalmonFlaky Smoked Salmon retains all the natural omega 3 oils,moist and succulent and has a shelf life of up to 90 days. Salar smokehousewww.salarsmokehouse.co.uk

Salar Flaky Smoked Salmon with Honey and ThymeA moist, succulent hot smoked salmon seasoned with heather honey and Thyme which retains all the natural omega 3 oils,due to the special process.Salar smokehousewww.salarsmokehouse.co.uk

Specially Selected Handmade Scottish Tablet A Sweet, buttery and deliciously indulgent treat made to a traditional Scottish recipe, skillfully blending sugar, butter and condensed milk.Aldi Stores Ltdwww.aldi.co.uk

Specially Selected Handmade Scottish Fudge Wonderfully indulgent fudge, handmade in Scotland to a traditional recipe by master confectioners.  A rich, smooth and incredibly moreish fudge.Aldi Stores Ltdwww.aldi.co.uk

Specially Selected Original Gingerbread Dark luxury gingerbread cake, made with a heritage blend of sticky treacle, raisins, ginger and cinnamon, slow baked until it’s irresistibly moist.Aldi Stores Ltdwww.aldi.co.uk


Specially Selected Smoked VenisonWild Scottish venison from red deer, grazing on the wild grasses and heathers of the Scottish hills, cured and smoked over whisky-infused oak chips.Aldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk
Specially Selected Cullen SkinkCreamy Cullen Skink made with responsibly sourced, oak-smoked haddock and locally grown potatoes.Aldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk

S/S Steak and Black Pudding PieTender chunks of prime Scotch Beef combined with deliciously moist Black Pudding in a rich gravy,hand finished in a flaky pastry shell. Aldi Stores Ltdwww.aldi.co.uk

Specially Selected Black Treacle & Stout  Traditional Cured Ham British red tractor ham infused with black treacle and stout for a rich, warm flavour.Aldi Stores Ltdwww.aldi.co.uk

Specially Selected PancettaAuthentic Italian Pancetta produced using the finest Pork belly, which is salted, smoked & spiced before being finely sliced. Aldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk

Specially Selected Beef BourguignonSlow cooked British Beef Bourguigon served with onions, mushrooms and bacon lardons in a rich red wine sauce.Aldi Stores Ltdwww.aldi.co.uk

Specially Selected Spicy Italian Schiacciata Salami PizzaHand stretched, sourdough base topped with tomato and basil sauce, Milano Schiacciata salami, Salsiccia Piccante, buffalo mozzarella and red chillis.Aldi Stores Ltdwww.aldi.co.uk

Perfect Storm IPAA light IPA, full bodied with bitterness and intense fruity hop character derived from a blend of Mosaic, Cascade and Southern Cross hops. ABV 4.5%Aldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk

Iconic American Pale Ale Our tribute to the classic American Pale Ale. Brewed with a blend of Scottish golden & crystal malt, the hops are all American. ABV 4.4% Aldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk

Glen Marnoch Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky A 12 year old whiskey, with a richness & complexity resulting from maturation in hand crafted American oak casks, giving an unsurpassed flavour.ABV40%Aldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk

Specially Selected Frozen Gourmet Habanero BurgersJuicy gourmet burgers seasoned with fiery chilli, garlic and cayenne. Scotch Certified Aberdeen Angus beef. Grass-fed and responsibly reared. Aldi Stores Ltd www.aldi.co.uk

Buttermilk Chicken Thigh BurgerJuicy & tender boneless chicken thighs coated in a light and creamy buttermilk breadcrumb Aldi Stores Ltdwww.aldi.co.uk
Southern Fried Chicken Thigh BurgerJuicy & tender boneless chicken thighs coated in a crispy southern fried seasoned breadcrumb.Aldi Stores Ltdwww.aldi.co.uk

Honey and Meadowsweet vinegarMead made from pure honey, then infused with Orkney meadowsweet, fermented into vinegar and matured in chestnut barrels before bottling.Orkney Craft Vinegarorkneycraftvinegar.com

Blossom Honey FudgeHandmade in small batches using local butter and cream. Infused with Scottish blossom honey sourced from the local beekeeper. Fairtrade sugar. Wee Sweetie Confectionery Creationswww.weesweetie.com

Sarsaparilla Handmade Boiled SweetsNatural, handmade, handcut pulled sugar sweets; small batches made with Fairtrade sugar & natural Sarsaparilla essence from local speciality supplier.Wee Sweetie Confectionery Creationswww.weesweetie.com

Premium Pork SausageGluten free coarse pork sausage.Ramsay of Carluke Ltdwww.ramsayofcarluke.co.uk

HaggisFamily recipe haggis.Ramsay of Carluke Ltdwww.ramsayofcarluke.co.uk

Celtic N'Dubhya (N'Duja)Spreadable cured pork. Contains chipotle, paprika & turmeric. Used as Salumi with olives or add to soups, pizzas or burgers mixes. Medium heat.Piggery-Smokerywww.piggery-smokery.co.uk

Dark Dubhloch StreakyStreaky cured pork with a treacley liquorice flavour and subtle hints of fennel. Unusual but very pleasing streaky bacon.Piggery-Smokerywww.piggery-smokery.co.uk

Drinks Biscuits - Parmesan, Toasted Pinenut and BasilParmesan, Toasted Pinenut and Basil biscuits that are expertly flavour profiled to match different premium [alcoholic] drinks The Drinks Bakerywww.thedrinksbakery.com

Drinks Biscuits - Lancashire Cheese and Spring Onion Lancashire Cheese and Spring Onion biscuits that are expertly flavour profiled to match different premium [alcoholic] drinks The Drinks Bakerywww.thedrinksbakery.com

Handmade Oatmeal Shortbread We have revived the tradition of using ground oatmeal when hand-making our shortbread. It adds a unique crunchiness and juiciness to the end product.New Alliance (Edinburgh) Ltd www.yourpiecebakingcompany.com

Fife Mix Muesli - no added sugarThis unique blend is packed full of fruit and has no added sugar. It's main ingredient is juicy Fife grown rolled oats.New Alliance (Edinburgh) Ltd www.yourpiecebakingcompany.com

Beggars Mantle Luxury Muesli - no added sugar40% fruit, nuts and seeds. No artificial additives or added sugar. Juicy Fife grown porridge oats.GB1New Alliance (Edinburgh) Ltdwww.yourpiecebakingcompany.com

Rock Rose Gin - Autumn EditionGin lovers can toast the arrival of Autumn this September with a special seasonal edition of our ginGB1Dunnet Bay Distillers Ltdwww.dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk

Elderflower syrupHomemade syrup made from natural ingredients.Lessadds Syrupswww.lessaddssyrups.co.uk

Wa-KouchaAn exceptionally rare leaf tea that is cultivated in such a way it creates a unique and flavoursome taste like nothing you've tried before.Hebridean Tea Storewww.hebrideanteastore.scot

Crab Paté with fresh Chilli and GingerThis handmade paté has a light texture with teased pieces of crab and a subtle kick of ginger and fresh chilli. Gluten free.Findlater's Fine Foodswww.findlatersfinefoods.co.uk

Asparagus Pate A light parfait style pate made with asparagus tips and finished with a splash of white wine. Gluten free. Preservative freeFindlater's Fine Foods www.findlatersfinefoods.co.uk

Earl Grey A flavoursome blend of rich Assam and Ceylon black teas flavoured with citrussy bergamot.Shibui Tea www.shibui-tea.co.uk

Lemongrass & Ginger Lemongrass & ginger blended with a hint of orange to give a soothing and relaxing infusion. Shibui Tea www.shibui-tea.co.uk

Chocolate & Ginger An exquisite blend of warming ginger and delectable chocolate for those reflective moments.Shibui Tea www.shibui-tea.co.uk

Tropical Green Try quiet contemplation with this blend of refreshing Sencha green tea with tropical fruits and a hint of ginger. Shibui Teawww.shibui-tea.co.uk

Jasmine Pearls The hand-rolled pearls produce a delightful green tea with the fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers.Shibui Tea www.shibui-tea.co.uk

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