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September 2010
September 2010

Greetings Biters!
Welcome to Autumn, my favourite foodie season. When it comes to food I am a peasant at heart as well as being a lazy, greedy cook who often adopts the fastest route available to a tasty dinner. This season's root vegetables, squashes and late summer fruits are ideal for a fast foodie fix and so stews, soups and crumbles are often bubbling away in the Bite kitchen.
Another quick route to dinner is eating out but I must confess that I often feel that where as food is essentially about love, restaurants are essentially about profit.
As AA Gill points out in Table Talk:"It's a sexist truth that chefs tend to be men while cooks are usually women. Men make food with arrogance, vanity and enthusiasm, women with love.....the most moving and memorable things you eat will be given to you by a woman and they'll be free."
For me this month it meant Rayne's chocolate and Guinness cake, Lea's Victoria sponge and Simone's toffee cheesecake, to name but a few.
I have also had some fine meals out though and am looking forward to the new Autumnal menus and game that will be appearing in Edinburgh's restaurants.
Happy Eating and don't forget to email us your experiences.
See you next month
Love from Bite.

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