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Tom Kitchin to Open His Fourth Restaurant in Edinburgh
Tom Kitchin to Open His Fourth Restaurant in Edinburgh


Come summertime, Scotland’s very own Tom Kitchin will be unveiling his fourth restaurant in Edinburgh.
This new venture will be located at Bruntsfield Place in an old clothing store that the Kitchin Group is currently redeveloping and refurbishing.
Kitchin, the youngest chef to ever win a Michelin star, is naturally excited, and seems very pleased with Bruntsfield Place, calling it an "ideal location” for his soon-to-open restaurant. "We’ve been searching for a venue in the southside of the city for a long time and are pleased to have found the ideal location on Bruntsfield Place,” Kitchin said. He then pointed out that the Kitchin Group is aiming to "create a space with a genuine neighbourhood feel that locals will want to visit, time and again.”

Calling his fourth restaurant "another exciting chapter in our journey,” Kitchin also expressed his excitement over the new opportunities and challenges that his "immensely talented and growing team of staff” will be facing as the restaurant opens this summer.

Kitchin is, of course, the proud owner of the eponymously named The Kitchin, which won the Scottish chef his Michelin star in 2006 just six months after it was opened. He also owns The Scran & Scallie and is a majority owner of Castle Terrace. All three restaurants are located in Edinburgh, and each showcases various aspects of Kitchin’s culinary brilliance. A BBC profile on Kitchin detailed that his skills were honed by some of the world’s finest chefs, and that one chef in particular tested the then 18-year-old aspiring chef: the legendary Pierre Koffmann of the La Tante Claire in London. Kitchin was regularly brought to the brink of tears by Koffman, who once poured potato peelings on the young man for failing to use up the leftovers. The tough love clearly worked and Kitchin now considers his mentor Koffmann a second father.
The Scotsman explains that the new venture will follow the "From Nature to Plate” philosophy that Kitchin is famous for. However, according to Kitchin himself, his fourth establishment will offer a "fresh new proposition.”
Not coincidentally, Kitchin wrote in 2010 the culinary book From Nature to Plate which discusses in depth the aforementioned philosophy adopted in the kitchens of Kitchin’s restaurants. Simply, "from nature to plate" means all the produce used in preparing the sumptuous delicacies at The Kitchin, The Scran & Scallie, and Castle Terrace is sourced and delivered fresh daily from the surrounding area, and is of the finest quality.
Aside from being a successful chef and entrepreneur, the ever-popular Kitchin is also a much-loved media personality as he frequently displays his mastery of the kitchen on various TV shows. This famously included an appearance on Saturday Kitchen where Entertainment Daily claim that he accidentally muttered an offensive remark on live TV. It was a rare slip-up for the usually well-mannered Michelin star chef, who is widely admired for his passion and skill in the kitchen.
Expect to see more of Kitchin on TV in the coming weeks as the opening of his new restaurant draws near.

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