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Newsy Nibbles from Bite ...
Newsy Nibbles from Bite ...


The Potting Shed at Potter Row has been sold to the St Andrews Brewing Company. The focus is still on seasonal local food plus Scottish beer, gins and malt whiskies.

Ink Dry Gin is an Australian gin that has been launched in Edinburgh by the company Crafty Connoisseur. The flavour of juniper is complimented with native lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepper berries and sweet orange whilst the colour is derived from the deep infusion of petals from an exotic blue flower. This natural floral infusion gives Ink Gin a remarkable and lustrous quality, elegantly displayed in the signature Ink & Tonic, which changes colour from deep blue to blush pink when mixed.

Congratulations to James Pirie & Son of Newtyle who were announced as the 19th winner of The World Championship Scotch Pie Awards 2018 on January 10th.  Over 80 butchers and bakers entered over 400 pies, sausage rolls, bridies, savouries and apple pies into the competition. 

Scottish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil Group (SCPROG) is calling for people to introduce ‘liquid gold’ into their diets and make a healthy start to 2018. Rapeseed Oil is full of antioxidants, vitamins and omega 3. It also contains far less unhealthy saturated fat than other cooking oils. All these benefits contribute to better heath, especially heart health, and an overall healthy balanced diet. The products are all Scottish too, so they haver fewer food miles, and support Scottish businesses.

Hawksmoor are to open in St Andrews Square in the old Royal Bank of Scotland building. The restaurant will have around 170 covers, including a private dining space and is planned to open in July this year. 

National tourism agency VisitScotland and The Brewers Association of Scotland have unveiled an interactive Craft Beer Map of Scotland. The new map currently displays the details for more than 70 brewers and more can be added. It is a celebration of our flourishing brewing industry and a handy guide for the travelling beer lover. 

We await news with baited breath re the opening of Newhaven Fishmarket at Pier Place, Leith. Rumoured to be scheduled for Spring it is a collaboration between Roy Brett of Ondine and Gary Welch of Welch Fishmongers.  

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