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Joie de Leith
Joie de Leith


Gleann Mor Spirits have launched the first of their geographical gin range - ‘Leith Gin’. 
Derek Mair, Founder of Gleann M?r Spirits said ‘Leith Gin was created by two locals who wanted to produce a gin that is full of flavour but at the same time, subtle on the palate. When we moved to our warehouse in Leith almost 2 years ago, this felt like a natural opportunity to create something special. Leith and its people have such a strong identity within Edinburgh and we hope they will enjoy the compliment of having a gin named after their locality.  It is distilled using 100% grain spirit and delicious with tonic or in our signature cocktail ‘Sunshine in Leith’ which is made with Leith Gin, Orange Juice, Angostura bitters and Lemonade.
‘At the same time as we were exploring the idea of creating Leith Gin, we were intrigued to find out that the Port of Leith has a spirited history of importing and exporting, dating back to the 1700’s. It was the gateway to one of Scotland's most important 18th century trading partners - the Netherlands - from where the Dutch East India Company imported luxury goods, including gin's precursor, Genever. After reading more about this history, there was no going back and Leith Gin was firmly on the horizon’.
Tasting notes:
Delicate light fresh notes of citrus with coriander followed by sweet juniper
Fresh and mellow. Citrus with herbaceous notes of juniper and coriander. A touch of dryness from the angelica root
Refreshingly clean, with juniper and citrus notes in the background
How to serve:
Serve with your favourite tonic water in a tall glass over lots of ice with a citrus fruit garnish


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