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Clipper partners with fabulous tea ambassador Kirstie Allsopp to find the nation’s best tea shop

Clipper Teas, known for its extensive range of delicious teas and unbleached tea bags is proud to announce the launch of the first ever Clipper Tea Shop Awards. This summer, the brand is on the hunt to find the best tea shop in the land, with the help of much loved TV personality and bastion of Britishness, Kirstie Allsopp:
"I’ve been a Clipper fan ever since the brand launched and I am honoured to be part of this competition. Tea Shops are an old and exquisite tradition here in the UK and I am excited to see where the awards will finally take me for an amazing cup of tea. I usually take mine with a dash of milk and no sugar,” says Kirstie.

Clipper is calling all tea shops, tea lovers and Clipper fans to let them know what makes their favourite tea shop so special for that shop to win the prestigious Clipper Cup. Clipper is aware that not every tea shop is the same, which is why it has created six unique categories for tea shops to enter:

Traditional - For a truly classic cup 
Quirkiest - For thinking outside the teacup 
Contemporary – For a thoroughly modern cup 
Cosiest - For a quiet & comfy cup 
Coastal - For the best cup of tea by the sea 
Best Afternoon Tea - For the quintessential experience

Tea shops can submit an entry via an entry form on the Clipper website up until the 11th August – https://www.clipper-teas.com/tea-shop-awards/ - and follow these simple steps in order to be in with a chance to win the prestigious Clipper Cup and a cheque for £2000:

1. Select a category 
2. Complete an entry form 
3. Upload three images of their tea shop

Kirstie will be helping Clipper to select the first six winners – one from each category - in August. Each category winner will be awarded a lovely bundle of bespoke Clipper prizes. The Awards will then be opened to an online public vote in September to decide which tea shop will be crowned Clipper Best Tea Shop and win the Clipper Cup. The winner will be handsomely rewarded with an exclusive visit by Kirstie who will present the Clipper Cup in October, a £2,000 cash prize and all sorts of Clipper goodies.

All the top-rated tea shops which enter will also be included in the definitive Clipper Tea Guide which will celebrate the UK's best cups of Clipper.

Voting consumers will also have the chance to win afternoon tea at the winning Tea Shop with Kirstie Allsopp.

About Clipper teas
Before Clipper, the world of tea looked very different. Back then, people didn’t think too hard about what was inside the bag. In the UK, tea was tea. It came in a cup with milk. And sugar. Often too much. Since its launch in 1984 Clipper has been committed to producing a quality tea which is ethically sourced. Clipper takes great care over every detail to ensure the teas it produces are natural, fair and delicious. Guided by the mantra ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts’, Clipper focus obsessively on what’s inside the bag. The result? A range of teas that are brighter, bolder and better-tasting.

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