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Miran Chauhan to become Scottish Brand Ambassador to Elephant Gin.
Miran Chauhan to become Scottish Brand Ambassador to Elephant Gin.


Elephant Gin (www.elephant-gin.com) is favoured amongst bartenders and gin aficionados alike for their award-winning, handcrafted London Dry Gin (45% ABV), made with distinctive ingredients that capture the spirit of Africa. Following on from the exclusive 2016 batch of Elephant Sloe Gin, the launch of Maasai tribe beaded bottles and Leather Travel Kit, March 2017 saw Elephant Gin launch a navy strength gin AKA the Elephant Strength Gin (57% ABV). Further enhancing the UK team, Elephant Gin has now enlisted hip Edinburgh cocktail bar The Bon Vivant’s (http://bonvivantedinburgh.co.uk/) Miran Chauhan to become Scottish Brand Ambassador to Elephant Gin.

The Bon Vivant can be found tucked away on Thistle Street in the New Town of Edinburgh, it’s interior is all warm, soft wood and inviting candlelight. Time Out Magazine comments that the bar has "kick-ass mixologists handling the spirits. The team won the Best International Restaurant Bar accolade at the prestigious Spirited awards in New Orleans in 2014, overcoming competition from London and Moscow. The quality of your cocktail is assured. Although Bon Vivant staff can knock out any of the classics, their cocktail menu changes regularly and represents an adventure in taste combinations.” A perfect match then, for Elephant Gin’s ‘Spirit of Adventure’.

Miran has been with The Bon Vivant since the Spirited Award win in 2014 and has taken them to repeat this success with a nomination for this year’s Spirited Awards. This year also sees Miran’s work enter the top three in the Best Restaurant Bar category for the Class Awards 2017. Formerly a product designer working for consultancies with plentiful bar and restaurant interior commissions, Miran quickly fell in love with the industry and decided to educate himself as quickly as possible to get up to speed with some of the best bartenders around. He comments, "the approach I have is to use my design knowledge and apply it to mixing drinks. There are many similarities, and this sometimes unorthodox approach, I believe, has gained me the accolades I have been fortunate to have received whilst working at The Bon Vivant. I still teach part time at Edinburgh University at Masters Level in concept theory and innovation, which gives me a good balance, which is very important in our trade - staying sane!”

Miran has already held a number of bar take-overs for Elephant Gin, including with Sager & Wilde and at Gilt Bar in Copenhagen. But first on the to-do list for Miran was to create his signature cocktails around Elephant Gin’s newest release, Elephant Strength Gin:

Mother Mother

30ml Elephant Gin

20ml Dry Vermouth

20ml Lemon Juice

10ml Orgeat (almond syrup)

5ml Pastis

20ml Egg whites

pinch Dried Chamomile and Lavender buds


40ml Elephant Gin

25ml Beerenauslese

10ml Fino Sherry

Pinch Activated Charcoal

Perfect Serve

40ml Elephant Strength Gin

20ml Dry Vermouth

Elephant Strength is a variation on the award-winning Elephant London Dry Gin – it’s stronger and mightier than the original, amplifying the aroma and fragrance of the unique mixture of botanicals, yet retaining the same smooth and balanced character that London Dry has become celebrated for.

Handcrafted in Germany, with the high production standards of the London Dry, the gin is distilled using fourteen botanicals, including rare African ingredients, to create the gin’s distinctive flavour profile. In addition to the juniper aroma, African Buchu introduces a flavour similar to blackcurrant, while the African Wormwood comes with a sharp floral note. Combined with mountain pine and fresh apple sourced from the orchards surrounding the distillery, you can expect a rich yet perfectly balanced gin with a lingering finish. To taste, the gin is powerful (think elephant-powerful), intense and full-bodied, with a fresh aroma and a higher viscosity than the original; superb in cocktails, it’s equally perfect for recreating the African bush Sundowner experience and for bold adventures across urban plains.

Miran comments of Elephant Strength Gin, "Firstly, it has a closer resemblance to the alcohol produced that comes straight off the still, which has a romantic nature. Especially in gin where the need for ageing the spirit is not necessarily needed, navy strength gin offers a freshness, like picking an apple off a tree and having that first juicy bite. When mixing with other spirits and liqueurs, navy strength gin becomes more pronounced and acts as a conductor where all the other flavours have to orchestrate around harmoniously. When mixed well, navy strength gin really comes into its own and the botanical structure and flavour is allowed to shine.”

When it comes to cocktails, Miran comments, "the Gin category has experienced a boom over the last few years, but there aren't too many doing the simple things really well. Take the martini: a classic drink that will have everlasting recognition and order. Elephant Strength nails the martini extremely well. Well balanced, structured and very pleasurable.

Miran’s tasting notes on the new Elephant Strength Gin, "An intense initial blast of fresh aroma, complimented with a full bodied botanical backbone. The high viscosity, coats the palate with oily deliciousness, bringing natural sweetness followed by a well-balanced juniper forward finish. At no point does the 57% take control; the silky smooth nature is very deceptive, making this gin very pleasurable.”

Of the charitable nature of the business (15% of all proceeds go towards African elephant conservation), Miran says, "the more I am learning about the people and impact of this wonderful little product, the more I am seeing beyond the spirit. The personality within the product is so unique (I am aware that I have said unique a lot - but there is simply no other word for it). I was already aware of the quality of the gin itself, but the constant discovery of the nature of the company, the aims, direction, empathy and most importantly the results they have achieved is something I am really proud of. It is a pleasure to be part of something that actually contributes to making a difference outside the four walls of a bar, one martini at a time!”

Elephant Strength Gin can be found at The Whisky Exchange, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason, Soho Wines, Master of Malt, Booths, 31 Dover and Laithwaites, it retails at an RRP of £37.50.

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