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This shipping container is the newest addition to the Mhor family,
This shipping container is the newest addition to the Mhor family,


"Breakfast is the most important meal in a hotel.  A delicious dinner counts for nothing if breakfast the next morning isn't any good. People won't come back".  This is how Tom Lewis, introduces us to breakfast in a transformed shipping container perched on top of Calton Hill. This shipping container is the newest addition to the Mhor family, their 'mobile restaurant (mobile only if you have a handy tractor to move it around). From the outside it's a container with windows in, take a step inside though and you are immediately transported to a stylish, unfussy, cosy den complete with wood burning stove and freshly brewed coffee.

Tom has prepared breakfast in conjunction with Glengoyne to celebrate the launch of World Whisky Day, they've bought a barrel of their single malt up Calton Hill with them to add to the breakfast, leaving everyone else feeling somewhat empty-handed. The Glengoyne 10-year old is a light, bright whisky which could well wash down your porridge or smoked haddock, albeit not just before the school run, and the Oloroso cask-aged malt is a delicious mix of orange peel, toffee and dried fruit, not so appropriate for breakfast but a fitting dram to celebrate World Whisky Day. 

Tom's enthusiasm for the potential for whisky and food matching is infectious, in the same way that he celebrates the producers of every element of the breakfast he has cooked he talks about the variety of whiskies available and how there is one for every mood. I'll be taking his advice and indulging in a dram more often ...

I'd thoroughly recommend seeking out the Monachlye Mhor mobile restaurant, it pops up in various locations, normally of jaw dropping beauty. (N. Welch)

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