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Macsween sees black pudding sales surge as surprise superfood is to take world by storm in 2016
Macsween sees black pudding sales surge as surprise superfood is to take world by storm in 2016


As black pudding claims its place as a superfood for 2016, Macsween of Edinburgh, the food pioneers, is witnessing a real surge in black pudding sales with significant growth expected this year. The popular Scottish fare made from pork, oats and spices is replacing avocado and seaweed to top the superfood lists according to fitness and foodie expert Anucyia Victor.


Versatility and flavour is key for black pudding, and whilst its popularity on the breakfast plate or fine dining menus continues, it is the growing trend across different types of cuisine, and particularly in the burgeoning street food scene, that is making it so appealing to a wide range of palettes!

Whether it is being used to create a black pudding samosa, the ultimate 'dirty' burger, perfect scotch egg, or for a spicy twist to pasta, salads or even served 'naked' on an antipasti board, it really is a super tasty super food that everyone is getting excited about.

Being able to boast high protein and iron content, it's easy to see why foodies are flocking to their nearest supermarket. As a result, Macsween, which produces premium and delicious black pudding at its premises in Scotland, is reporting an increase in black pudding sales.

MD and Director of Innovation, James Macsween, said: "Five years ago we were producing 50,000lb and last year we did 70,000lb. It is now appearing on menus and street food stalls across the country, and more and more people are trying it out at home in different ways.

"In the next 12 months, we will see another real spike in black pudding sales. We're projecting 1.7 million lb production this year which equates to around £2m in sales and would represent huge growth; 2000% in volume on last year."

And the trend is taking effect quicker than ever thanks to social media, Macsween adds: "With consumers being more informed thanks to the power of social media, we're seeing an instant sales surge which took us a bit by surprise. But it's great to see the masses enjoy black pudding."

All of Macsween's award-winning products are handcrafted to unique family recipes, using the finest ingredients.


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