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Hoot The Redeemer is turning Scotland’s bar scene on its beak.
Hoot The Redeemer is turning Scotland’s bar scene on its beak.


Imagine it's the 1950's in New Orleans and you are at a fun fair. You have an Alcoholic ice cream in one hand whilst working a claw crane machine with the other. The desired prize from the claw crane machine is that you have successfully chosen the flavour of your cocktail.  

Hoot The Redeemer is the latest brainchild from Award winning Bartender Iain McPherson. Rolling on from the success of Panda & Sons with its warm, vintage feel, Hoot The Redeemer will dive into the world of fun and wackiness. Iain explains "I really wanted to focus on how we could make a bar experience more fun and interactive for customers. Our ethos is that we aren't a serious bar but we take having fun very seriously. We went right back to nuts and bolts with Hoot, turning simplicity on its head and offering something genuinely innovative without being too mind boggling and complicated. I truly believe we are offering something truly fresh to the UK bar scene."

Hoot the Redeemer opens its doors to the public on Friday 24th July 2015. 7 Hanover Street, EH2 2DL.

Everyone is warmly invited to attend the official launch from 7pm-Midnight on Thursday 23rd July 2015.

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