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July 2010
July 2010

Bite has been persuaded to' come out'! After seven and a half years publishing, readers (apparently) want to know who is behind our dinky publication.  As we always have to much copy to shoehorn into each issue we have had to forgo our contents page. If you want it back let us know but for now, let me introduce the team…

Kelly is our indispensable sub-editor/contributor who breezed into this windy city from South Carolina via NYC. She loves food, vintage clothes and music. Donna is our ever-patient designer and her hubby Mark is our cocktail expert. He knows EVERYTHING about spirits and much more besides.James has been writing for Bite from the beginning and now runs the much loved Cornelius Beer and Wine shop in Easter Road. We love his dry, no -messing, attitude.The Insider is our totally un-editable writer, chef,cricket- losing,  domino- playing, music -loving 'one-off'.Sandy is our Canadian live wire who writes the wine column and Rachel is our Canadian 'earth mother' who writes Off The Trolley and loves cake. Dave is a lover of cider, a quiz master and diligent, enthusiastic bar reviewer.Leila and Vikki are our freshest talent - food bloggers, both. I am the editor/publisher/bon viveuse who keeps this vessel afloat     ……    with a lot of help from my friends.

In this Issue …..Amongst other things, reviews, the Tony and Pierre show, the new Roseleaf 'drinky poos list', Macarons and Macaroons and Bite 'n' Slurp, fifteen  pages dedicated to our love of the foamy brew. Thanks to Mr Bite and James for their input on these pages.

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