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Bite's 2014 Food Quiz of the Year
Bite's 2014 Food Quiz of the Year


Try your hand at this year's fiendishly difficult foodie quiz for the ultimate Christmas dinner boasting rights!

1.  The 2014 National Fish and Chip Awards gave second place in the UK  (and the highest Scottish showing) to Frankies Fish and Chips, located in which northern locality?
A) John o'Groats, B) Orkney, C) Shetland, D) Aberdeen
E) Plockton

2. Who were the Bake Off contestants involved in the infamous Alaska-gate scandal of Episode 4? And for a bonus point, what was the flavour of the ice cream that refused to set?

3. Still with Bake Off, true or false: the Bake Off finale drew more viewers on BBC1 than this summer's World Cup Final?

4. What do Vivaldi, Mozart, Chopin, and King Edwards all have in common?

5. Marzipan, a traditional Christmas confection, contains traces of what toxic chemical found naturally in almonds?

6. Match the pasta shape to its literal translation:
1) Casareccea) sleeves
2) Orecchiette b) angel hair
3) Manicotti c) little ears
4) Capellini d'angelo d) little ribbons
5) Fettuccine e) homemade

7.  The Royal China Club in London this year launched the world's most expensive pot of tea, created from the leaves of the Da Honh Pao which are left to mature for 80 years before being served. How much does one pot cost?
a) £16 b) £29 c) £75 d) £180 e) £220

8.  Coca-Cola was invented by a morphine addict looking for a substitute for his opiate problem. Which of the following did he claim the drink would also cure?
a)  headache, b)  impotence, c)  indigestion, d)  anxiety and depression, e)  all of the above

9) Masterchef the Professionals is well underway, with the always excellent Monica Galetti running the show. In what island country was she born?

10) Fudge is often described as tablet's poorer cousin, although less experienced connoisseurs may struggle to differentiate between the two. Which of the following is not true?
a) tablet tends to have more sugar than fudge
b) fudge tends to have more fat than tablet
c) tablet is grainier than fudge
d) fudge uses dairy products while tablet does not
e) tablet is cooked at a higher temperature than fudge

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