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Hasta Luego Iggy Campos
Hasta Luego Iggy Campos


Ignacio Campos, one of Edinburgh's most colourful, individual and engaging restaurateurs closed the doors of his restaurant/bar business this week.

Originally from Teruel in Spain "Iggy" has run Iggs Restaurant and Barioja next door in Jeffrey Street for 25 and 14 years respectively. Those who work in or with the licensed trade get used to change. Restaurants and faces come and go and this constant flux is in part what makes the business so exciting.

Every once in a while however, the city collectively mourns the loss of an 'institution' such as Iggy Campos.

Neighbouring restaurateur Jean Michel Gauffre of La Garrigue summed up the feeling on Jeffrey St by saying simply:-"the street will not be the same."

Bite spoke to SeñorCampos as he packed up his belongings and tied up loose ends on the premises which have greeted celebrities, hosted The Channel 5 Series The Restaurant Inspector but which have also seen the trade change over the decades.

Iggy commented that the restaurant business was getting harder and that he wanted to take advantage of a good offer after running his restaurant and bar for so long. He said that he was very sad to say goodbye to his Jeffrey St premises but knew in his heart that it was the right time to make the move.

The premises have been bought by The Mussel and Steak Inn to add to their original branch in the Grassmarket

Bite detected a characteristic twinkle in Señor Campos's blue eyes though as he talked about the possibility of a smaller operation in the future and we certainly hope that it is a case of Hasta Luego rather than Adios!

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