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Savoy Kitchen
Savoy Kitchen


Savoy kitchen is a book by by Cajun musician Sarah Savoy and is published by Kitchen Press. 

Sarah is the daughter of legendary musicians Marc and Ann Savoy (they appeared on Ali Bain's 80s CD Meet The Cajuns which kind of kicked off the Transatlantic Sessions concept). 
Sarah currently lives in Paris and tours the UK regularly with her band The Francadians (she was over all through the summer, doing spots on Mark Radcliffe's Radio 2 show, the Songlines Encounters Festival, Womad at Bristol Zoo and Bradford Festival to name just a few), and she's started appearing at food festivals doing Cajun cooking demos backed by her band. 

The book is illustrated beautifully by Jen Collins (who illustrated the Parlour Cafe Cookbook) and is full of photos from the Savoy family archive of her childhood in Louisiana. You can see some of the material here on the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SavoyKitchen and at her own website www.sarahsavoy.com.

Sarah is coming over to Scotland to do some promotion at the end of October - she does great events singing, playing accordion, cooking up gumbo and telling stories. She paints a really evocative, funny picture of growing up Cajun and how food and music are absolutely central to family life, saying: 

'A Cajun will never suffer from the "American Dream" to work himself to death just to make a lot of money and have a fancy house. We want to work enough that we can afford to party, get our friends together, cook something, play some tunes, and dance. It's keeping connected to our families, community and culture that's helped keep us alive and strong'.

Sarah is coming over from Paris and is appearing as follows:
Weds 30 Oct
7.30pm Forgan's, St Andrews - Cajun Dining Society
Thurs 31 Oct
12-3pm Hammerton Store, Aberdeen - signing
6.30pm Waterstones Dundee - performance & signing
Friday 1 Nov
1.05 Radio Scotland: Kitchen Cafe
3.30pm Looking Glass Books - performance & signing.
(Emily Dewhurst)

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