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Calvados Crazy!
Calvados Crazy!


As part of a national campaign bars, restaurants, wine merchants and supermarkets will all be offering a taste of the spirit of Normandy.

Calvados is a brandy made solely from cider apples grown in Normandy. Everything begins in the orchard where the apples are picked, crushed and the juice is made into cider. Then it's the turn of the distiller to take over and transform cider into Calvados. The cider is distilled (sometimes twice) in traditional pots or column stills and then aged in oak barrels. Interaction between the wood of the barrels and the air turns the spirit into a smooth, complex and delightful brandy, with the unique taste of apples that can be sipped on its own or made into long drinks, cocktails or used in cooking: Calvados is fantastic for gravy or sauces with pork, for making apple cake and desserts like the famous 'Tarte Tatin' and for accompanying soft Normandy cheese.

National retailer Waitrose has special offers on Calvados September and October and in Edinburgh some of our flagship restaurants are embracing the spirit of Calvados by offering special menus.

Bia Bistro, 19 Colinton Rd Edinburgh, Midlothian EH10 5DP. 0131 452 8453 www.BiaBistrot.co.uk - Daily Specials with a dram of Calvados 15th-19thOctober 2013 + Special Calvados Dinner 7.30pm Wednesday 16th October 2013.

Restaurant at The Bonham - 35 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7RN. Tel: 0131 274 7444 - Head chef Maciej Szymik and his team are offering a special Calvados dinner Friday 18th October 2013 

Iris -at 47a Thistle Street EH2 1DY - Tel: 0131 220 2111 will be serving Calvados dishes on the menu throughout National Calvados Week. www.irisedinburgh.co.uk

La Garrigue 31 Jeffrey Street Edinburgh EH1 1DH T: 0131 557 3032 www.LaGarrigue.co.uk Special Calvados dinner on Monday 14th October 2013 

About Calvados & Pays d'Auge:

Right in the heart of Normandy, where the combination of soil, sunshine, humidity and the sea air create perfect conditions for growing cider apples 'better than anywhere else in Normandy' is the district called Pays d'Auge.  To qualify for the Appellation Contrôlée 'Pays d'Auge' (highest ranking in Calvados), the apples must be grown exclusively on this land and the producer must use a double-process copper still for double distillation, where the second heating is known as 'la Bonne Chauffe'.  The Calvados is then aged in oak casks before being blended to produce a unique rich, smooth, complex apple tasting brandy.

Calvados is always a blend, the age mentioned on the bottle being the youngest brandy of the assembly. Thus the "20 years old Calvados" can also contain 30 years old and even older brandies.

Calvados "Fine" - "Three stars" - "Three apples" - "V.S." (Very Special)
Matures during at least 2 years in oak barrels.

Calvados "Old" or "Reserve"
Matures during at least 3 years in oak barrels

Calvados "V.O." (Very Old) - "Old Reserve" - "V.S.O.P." (Very Superior Old Pale)
Matures during at least 4 years in oak barrels.

Calvados "Extra" - "X.O." - "Napoleon" -"Hors d'age"- "Very Old Reserve" - "Very Old" - Matures during at least 6 years in oak barrels.

Calvados “Millésimes" (Vintages) guarantee the year of harvest. They do not guarantee the duration of ageing, except when specified.

www.NationalCalvadosWeek.com & www.facebook.com/nationalcalvadosweek.com




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