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Happy Birthday Pomegranate!
Happy Birthday Pomegranate!


Happy Birthday to Pomegranate Restaurant - One Today!  

Pomegranate boasts a tasty, healthy innovative menu of middle eastern and Kurdish dishes. You can order these tapas style and thus eat as little or as much as you like. Bite's 'go to' dishes inc. the sundried tomato & ginger tapenade, Jajic - a garlic flavoured dip of thick yoghurt and cucumber, flatbreads, tabbouleh and hummous.

After being so virtuous you can then indulge in one of the best dessert menus in town! Who could resist walnut cupcakes, rosewater cupcakes  Turkish delight, Persian saffron and cardamom ice cream and more. 

Pomegranate also has an excellent dry bar. 

Happy Birthday Pomegranate - Bite wishes you all the very best for your next year. 

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