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A Room In The Town Closes Its Doors To Make Way For Exciting Restaurant Expansion
A Room In The Town Closes Its Doors To Make Way For Exciting Restaurant Expansion


On the 4th of May the hugely popular A Room in the Town on Howe Street will be closing its doors to make way for exciting new beginnings.

Part of the A Room In… Scottish Bistro Group, A Room in the Town has been established for fifteen years and is owned by  Peter Knight and John Tindal. After opening in 1998 the restaurant's modern Scottish cooking was a runaway success, and they soon opened A Room in the West End, followed by A Room In Leith. 

Attached to their West End and Leith venues are the Teuchter Bars. 

Teuchters, which is attached to A Room in the West End, has refreshed its bar 'mug menu' meaning that evening customers can sample the quality cooking the restaurant is renowned for as they enjoy a drink. 

Teuchters Landing, which is attached to A Room in Leith.,  will expand to fill the building it currently shares with A Room in Leith whilst the former Skippers restaurant will be the new home of A Room in Leith, just across the courtyard from Teuchters Landing.

Speaking of the upcoming plans, Peter says: “Of course we will be sorry to say goodbye to A Room in the Town, which has been the older sister to our other restaurants. However we are extremely pleased with our new menu at Teuchters and we are excited about creating a new home and identity for A Room in Leith, as well as the expansion of Teuchters Landing, which has proved to be exactly the kind of bar that both locals and tourists are looking for in this area."


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