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Cast a spell this Halloween with the new spiced apple bagels from the New York Bakery Co
Cast a spell this Halloween with the new spiced apple bagels from the New York Bakery Co


With Halloween creeping up on us, watch out for the new spellbinding recipe from the bagel experts at New York Bakery Co, sure to cast a spell over even the most terrifying trick or treaters. To celebrate New Yorkers' favourite holiday, New York Bakery Co have conjured up a bewitching limited edition spiced apple bagel, available exclusively through the Facebook page www.facebook.com/newyorkbakery.

These devilish delights taste spine chillingly delicious and make for the perfect Halloween trick or treat to be enjoyed at any time of day! The bagels are generously filled with ghoulish gooey apple pieces, sweet and tantalising cinnamon bites and mixed spice. Enjoy toasted with lashings of butter and blood red jam and team with a warming winter eggnog to banish those frightful chills away.

This spooky limited edition bagel is available absolutely free from the New York Bakery Co Facebook page from October 17th - make sure you get yours before they are all snapped up at www.facebook.com/newyorkbakery.

Happy Halloween!


About New York Bakery Co

New York Bakery Co created a new look for their best-selling bagel range in January 2011 with a brand new recipe for an authentic New York taste. Now, more than half of all bagels bought in the UK are New York Bakery bagels.

Visit www.newyorkbakery.co.uk for more information or check out New York Bakery Co on Facebook - www.facebook.com/newyorkbakery.

Top facts about bagels:

· The statue of Liberty's height in bagels is eaten every two minutes in the UK! (i.e. 1280 bagels are eaten every 2 mins and the Statue = 46.5m, excluding the base)

· Bagels originate from Krakow, Poland and were initially known as “bajgiels"

· 51 per cent of bagels are eaten at breakfast, 37 per cent at brunch/lunch and 12 per cent in the remaining 16 hours

· Harry Potter actress Emma Watson and British Olympic athlete Jessica Eniss are both big bagel fans

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