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Kitchin Suppers
Kitchin Suppers


Bite has nabbed a  copy of the new book from one of Scotland's favourite chefs. In the eponymously titled book, Kitchin Suppers, Tom Kitchin draws on his experience of home cooking to provide a collection of recipes for time-pressured cooks using fresh, seasonal food.


From one-pan wonders to intensely flavoured braises that can be assembled in next to no time and left alone to cook, there are brilliant ideas for easy midweek meals created specifically for the home kitchen.


Bite intends to make Venison Stew with Celeriac & Orange followed by Pears in Chocolate at the first opportunity. Venison will be purchased from Hopetoun House Farm Shop



All round to ours!


Kitchin Suppers will be published by Quadrille in September and costs £20.



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