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Cocktals in the City comes To Edinburgh
Cocktals  in the City comes To Edinburgh


Cocktails in the City is an evening of Cocktail Making, drinks education and entertainment. Bringing together all the cities top bars for one night this is a uniqueopportunity for drinks enthusiasts to learn how to make a variety of signature cocktails in the capable hands of their favourite bars and bartenders.


Situated within the stunning Mansfield Traquair (the Sistine chapel of Scotland) an entrance fee of £15 entitles the visitor to three cocktail tokens. Each cocktail token can be taken to any of the bars within the venue and exchanged for a personal cocktail lesson that sees the visitor make and enjoy a cocktail under the supervision and guidance of the bar and bartender.


Visitors also have the opportunity to participate in any of the three master classes taking place on the main stage during the course of the evening. How to throw the perfect Cocktail Party, Classic Cocktails at Home, Around the World with Rum:

The participating bars and bartenders are the very finest Edinburgh has to offer including:Tonic/Sygn/Tigerlilys/Voodoo Rooms/Bond no 9/Oloroso/The Raconteur/The Balmoral Bar/ Harvey Nichols Bar/ The Bon Vivant ...... with more to follow.


With food available through the highly respected restaurant Oloroso Cocktails in the City is the perfect event to attend with a group of friends and enjoy shaking, stirring and mixing with the PRO's.


An introduction video of CiC from the Manchester event and tickets can be purchased through the website www.cocktailsinthecity.co.uk


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