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The Wizard in the Kitching.   It makes you feel eccentric doesn't it, says Mr Bite skipping down the street. And it does. Paul Kitching is lik...

Dominic Jack at Castle Terrace
New Review
Three top notch restaurants in one month but all with their own unique style. Norn the punky young upstart, Number One a sparkling Edinburgh jewel a...

Martin Wishart
New Review
The tasting menu at Martin Wishart serves mercifully manageable portions which allow you to properly savour each exquisite course. With National Sea...

Number One The Balmoral
New Review
 A jewel in Princes Street I doubt many people would book into Number One these days without having a sneak peek at the menu online. My friend...

The Kitchin
New Review
Lunch at the newly extended Kitchin

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