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Serrano Manchego
New Review
What nicer way to start the weekend than having a late breakfast on a Friday morning.  As we enter Serrano Manchego on Leith walk, both of us ...

The Edinburgh Larder Licensed Cafe
New Review
 Food with Thought - Are mindful restaurants and cafes a 'thing' yet?  If they were The Edinburgh Larder Café woul...

The Manna House, South Queensferry
New Review
"And of course we have this"  The manageress of The Manna House in South Queensferry spreads her hands in deference to the panoramic view of t...

The Pantry
New Review
Gourmet Girl Goes to ...

The Scottish Cafe
New Review
Jam or cream first The perennial question. Lea goes for a smear of jam whilst I rock the boat with a dollop of cream. I am not going to argue abou...

Tipsy Mallows
New Review
Handmade gourmet mallows created using fresh fruit purees, natural flavourings and more than a dash of favourite liqueurs and spirits. They also serve...

Union of Genius
New Review
Souper clever!

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