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For the past century, Edinburgh ice cream has been dominated by businesses set up by Italian families. And yet what they tend to offer is not ice ...

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You can't fail to notice the ice cream carousel, filled with vibrant fruit sorbets and pastel gelato, it dominates Affogato's window. Stepping ove...

Bluebird Cafe
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Bluebird could have been called Freebird. This unassuming corner spot cafe in Canonmills serves southern US food inspired by the female owner's trav...

Brew Lab - Artisan Coffee Bar
New Review
The Slayer has nothing to do with killing vampires!

Cafe Grande
Bruntsfield's Best Bistro?

Cafe Musa
New Review
Afternoon Tea with Lindsey Lee

Cafe Renroc
New Review
Easy Eats

Casa Amiga
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Powered by Pastel de Nata Every now and again a cafe opens locally that changes the culinary landscape of the area. Portuguese bakery and cafe Casa...

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