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Cakes, Desserts, Puddings!

All things chcolately, creamy, fruity and sticky!

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Bakers Bunny with Sebastian Kobelt
New Review
German-born, Sebastian Kobelt, a renowned and award winning p√Ętissier and chocolatier based in Linlithgow, chats with Biter, Lea Harris about cake, c...

Casa Amiga
New Review
Powered by Pastel de Nata Every now and again a cafe opens locally that changes the culinary landscape of the area. Portuguese bakery and cafe Casa...

Coffee Stout Cake
New Review
Cheers! Bottoms' Up! Slainte!  What does June hold in store for us gluttons? Well the 1st is the start of Cheese Week, which will please all y...

Hot chocolate
New Review
While I have an enormous tolerance for cheap chocolate, I have little stomach for bad hot chocolate. There is nothing better than a good cup of hot ...

New Review
Qui est Mademoiselle Macaron?

Tipsy Mallows
New Review
Handmade gourmet mallows created using fresh fruit purees, natural flavourings and more than a dash of favourite liqueurs and spirits. They also serve...

ZukrBoutique - Confectionary handmade in Scotland
New Review
It's a teacake Jim, but not as we know it.   Nobody likes a Tunnocks more than me and fellow Bite contributor Rachel Edwards (Off the Trol...

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