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I'm a huge believer in simple cooking that allows the wonderful flavours of fresh ingredients to sing. For me, this is a tenet of good eating and it shaped my expectations of the menu at Hanam's.

Our served was friendly and relayed his recommendations with confidence and passion.

Following that advice, Sarah started with the baba ghanoush (£5.95). Clearly home-made, this classic dish packed a garlicky taste with a slight hint of nuttiness from the sesame tahini.  My soujuk (£6.50) was a lovely dish of Lebanese sausage sautéed with tomatoes and green peppers with garlic and chilli dips and flat bread.  The latter was amongst the best we have tasted; so light and moreish you could happily fill up on them alone. The sausage was a joy to eat; well-cooked and packed with the fresh flavours of tomato.  The garlic sauce and heat from the chilli only added to this cracking dish.

The menu described my main course as 'generous', which was an understatement as my Kurdish-style (you can also opt for Iranian) mushakal kebab (£14.50) arrived. The chicken element was the standout for me; wonderfully tender with charcoal notes outside and moist, perfectly cooked meat inside.  The minced lamb element was pleasant and packed a little kick from the chilli.  However, I found pieces of the lamb fillet very tough and dry, which was a pity because the tender pieces were lovely.

Sarah's Iranian gosht kebab (£15.00) came with a delicious tapsi shilla sauce that was fresh and bursting with flavour, rice was light and fluffy.  Her spicy lamb kebab was cooked well but slightly lacked seasoning and depth of flavour.

Sarah opted for one her favourite desserts in the baklava (£4.25). Sadly, it didn't quite live up to the waiter's billing as it was very chewy and lacked the honey note she expected, although the mango sorbet was refreshing and cut through it well. I was intrigued by the Persian saffron and cardamom ice cream (£4.00). The subtle notes of the spices came through at just the right level in this lovely palette cleanser of a dish.

I'm pleased Hanam's met my expectations.  It's a beautiful dining space and great to see staff believing in what they do. A word of warning though! Pace yourself on the delicious flat breads to avoid being rolled out! (P. Cook)

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