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Twenty Princes Street - Twenty’s Plenty
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Twenty Princes Street
20 Princes Streeet,
0131 652 7370

This is a pretty good offer if you want to have lunch somewhere swish and comfortable without paying the earth. 

‘Twenty’s Plenty’ allows for 2 main courses and 2 drinks (house wine, bottle of beer or a soft drink) for £20. 

This hotel restaurant has one of the best views in the city and a very cosmopolitan feel. 

I met Simone for lunch and she chose the salmon with pumpkin and Parmesan gnocchi, pig’s cheek croquette, spinach and smoked tomatoes. I had the roast butternut squash and caramelised red onion tart with parmesan and mascarpone glaze and red chard. I opted for maple cooked carrots on the side too so we were presented with a table of colourful food.

Simone said her salmon had been cooked perfectly for her i.e. moist in the middle but crispy on the outside – always a delicate balance with fish to get the timing just so. It was beautifully presented with chunks of orange squash and emerald spinach and she generally loved it with the caveat that the pumpkin based sauce needed a little something. This veg is lovely and velvety but can be bland so needs a little kick here and there. 

I thought my veggie pie was excellent and I adore red veined chard with parmesan shavings. The pastry was crisp, the pie deep and luscious and the cute baby carrots ultra sweet. 

We had soft drinks and tea but to sit in these surrounding with a nice plate of food, the city centre views from the first floor and a glass of vino is a very attractive offering. 




 (Written previously on opening of restaurant) ......

When a beautiful restaurant has great food and spectacular views you are onto a winner.

The large windows of Twenty Princes Street showcase the Edinburgh skyline in all its glory; the ambience is one of   'casual fine dining', the food makes the most of the Scottish Larder.

I started with smoked chicken and pink peppercorn raviolis with a tarragon cream (£5.50). They were faultless; a whiff of herb, a tang of lemon, a crunch of peppercorn; all were used to enhance smoky morsels of meat in freshly made pasta which was served on warmed plates with spot on seasoning. Mr Bite had Alaskan king crab with chilli and tomato sofrito, Stirlingshire crème fraîche and fennel salted straw potatoes (£10), a visually stunning dish which he awarded top marks for taste too.

Main courses were slightly less successful. For me triple cooked chips with six creel caught langoustines. The crustaceans were cooked just right and were sweet and juicy however, I had chosen a shallot, parmesan and Dijon mustard fondue which tasted like an insipid béchamel. Mr Bite had the ox cheek with black-eyed been and chipotle stew, lime and coriander seed chips and soured cream (£15.50). The meat was outstanding, the stew flavoursome and smoky but the plate as a whole needed 'a little something' to bring overall harmony. Ditch the chips, served the meat on top of the stew and add a lime or margarita crème fraîche?

A return to form came with desserts. A simple scoop of home made cardamom ice cream made me very happy ditto a mouth-watering passion fruit sorbet (£2 a scoop).  Mr Bite had dark chocolate fondant with white chocolate crémeux, and passion fruit. The fondant was perfect, presentation was stunning. There is also an interesting biscuit dessert on the menu involving Jammie Dodgers, Custard Creams and Hob Nobs.

Surroundings are swish; a cabinet full of Moet, chandeliers, leather booths and projected images of Edinburgh on the walls.

All the right elements are here but for absolute perfection a little more attention to detail is required. Having said that, I booked again immediately.  Some seasoned city bartenders have been given free rein on the cocktail list in the adjacent bar Juniper and it looks very special. TBC.


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