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A Room in Leith
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A Room in Leith
1a Dock Place,
0131 554 7427
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Lunch 12pm - 4pm (last orders 4pm); Dinner 5.30pm - 10pm (last orders 10pm)


I hope you're hungry said John Tindal, owner of this dockside restaurant adjacent to the pub Teuchters Landing in Leith. I scoffed at the implied warning exclaiming I am ALWAYS hungry! Bring it on. 

Fast forward an hour or so and I am requesting a doggy bag. To let roe deer and gourmet sausages go to waste would be criminal. 

These meats comprise part of the Room's Turf Platter designed to share (£35) but which has nonetheless defeated me and wingman Mr Bite. They do a Surf Platter too. 
The Turf is a celebration of the very best of Scotland's meat; a showcase of different regional cuts cooked in different styles with unique flavours and textures. 

I think (because it is a hard call) my favourites were the haggis bridies; oven fresh,  golden pastry with spicy filling but then again black pudding is hard to beat, especially when doused with creamy pouring whisky and peppercorn sauce.  Roe deer grilled rare is always a luxury and venison and pork sausages from John Glimour butchers are particularly good. Ayrshire pork belly melts in the mouth - literally. Sides are chips pickles and sauce. 

The beef bourguignon is possibly a nod to Leith's historic status as a port and the Auld Alliance so a Malbec seems appropriate albeit from Argentina. I don't get a look in with the crackling, gone before I cotton on but Mr Bite sings its praises.  Pancetta is salty and crispy. I shouldn't really be eating the chips I think but can't stop. We really seem to have mastered the art of good chips in Edinburgh and I am glad we have our priorities right. 

I know the crème brĂ»lée is excellent at this establishment so just have to check again, right? Box ticked. 

The Turf Platter is extremely good value and will bring out the hungry caveman in you. Mr Bite commented that it would easily feed four. Wash it down with some red,  top it off with pudding and a brandy and  what's not to like.  

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