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Pizzeria 1926

When in 1926...

Edinburgh’s pizza scene is pretty stuffed so when I noted 1926 opening, I was sceptical - just another place pretending to be Italian. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Everything is so simple, from the eclectic Italian decor, to the tables with rattan chairs. No pretence here. 

Eyeing the huge pizza oven made me and my partner-in -pizza smile on a rainy, Edinburgh day and so did the menu.

One page only with a variety of starters and about 10 types of pizza. You can build your own too. Francesco, our waiter is full of energy, walking around, chatting to everyone, and genuinely radiating that Napoli feeling; an easy life and no worries. 

We take the house white, a light and slighty peachy blend from South Italy to complement the seafood starter (prawns, and mussels in a delicious broth).

As usual, I go with my all time favourite for a main, a classic margarita, whilst my dining chose the same with a slight twist, Italian meatballs, tomato sauce, mozzarella and ruccola.

I don’t remember when I had such a great pizza. Maybe that summer in Rome, when I tumbled into that tiny bar in a shady street. The tomato sauce is perfect; tart and refreshing, the mozzarella is just the right amount of gooey. Rude or not I ate with my hands, folding the slices.. when in Rome... as they say. 

We pass on the dessert of the day, sweet pizza bread soaked in nutella (sounds like heaven), however, we do take a cup of coffee, and to our surprise it arrives with a wee limoncello and Francesco, who is eager to tell us a little bit about 1926 and the way Italians enjoy pizza.

1926 is a great informal eatery to enjoy some authentic Napoli food. Make sure you beat the queues and book a table in advance. (R. Gyorfi)

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