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Brew Shed Old Orchard Medium Dry Cider - 5% ABV
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Bite has previously introduced you to the delights of the Brew Shed beer range created in a nano brewery in a shed in Limekilns, Fife, so now we would like to highlight their recently launched ‘Old Orchard’ cider. Just in time for autumnal changes, this scrumptious product is hot off the press having only been on the go a few months. We anticipate it will become another regular around these shores. Pale in colour, dry and not overpowering, it’s a traditional cider with a mild fizz and a lingering fruitiness on the palate. No synthetic tones, naturally carbonated and fermented in the bottle, it requires a careful steady hand to pour. All of which leads to a warming and relaxing beverage which hits the spot.

If you are not familiar with the location, you will discover the Brew Shed range is well and truly in with the bricks in Limekilns area, selling as fast as Mr Hope the brewer can produce, distributed from the Ship Inn and The Cornershop in Crossgates. Brew Shed have also started a pop up stall at the superb Woodlea Stables (tucked neatly between Inverkeithing and Crossgates.) This is a family run smallholding who do a roaring trade with real bread, free range eggs and now as a weekend guest appearance, Brew Shed. Woodlea bread comes highly recommended having recently won a Scottish Bread Championship with a sourdough made entirely from Scottish grown and milled wheat.

I digress! Back to Brew Shed, and I must applaud their transparency, sharing with us all their craft on the side of the bottle.

"How to make cider: collect apples from around the village, wash them, pulp them and press out the juice. Add yeast and wait. Keep waiting. If it’s not perfectly clear, just keep waiting. Sweeten, pasteurise and drink.”

Having harvested, washed, prepped, pulped, pressed and pasteurised a fair few kilos of local apples recently I know this is quite a time consuming process but I for one am glad to discover this dedicated small scale producer creating such a tasty cider. For more insight into their craft process keep an eye on their blog found at: https://brewshedbeers.wordpress.com

Best to drink while listening to: Neil Young ‘Harvest Moon’
Best to drink while eating: Homemade ham hock and mustard pie

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