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Goose Island ‘Preseason’ Lager
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Designed to be a lager for anticipated sunshine, we can happily slurp this all year round since our sunshine in Scotland arrives a little less frequently and is a tad more unpredictable. This ‘Preseason’ lager was gratefully received on one of those classic humid but still not in any way sunny days and it pours a beautiful golden colour. As promised on the bottle, it brings grapefruit and other sharp citrusy notes along with enough balance and sweetness in the middle to complement the hoppy aftertaste. To whom do we owe this pleasure then? ‘Goose Island Beer Co’ has secured a strong back story, inspired in Europe, developed in America, a series of craft beers born in Chicago early 90s. The hops used in this one are grown specially at Elk Mountain Farm in Idaho.

They were pioneers of aging in bourbon barrels, a practice that leads to pricier than average bottles of brew as you can imagine! They have now spread their wings with international alehouses and I was more than chuffed to receive an offer of a free pint in their London base in Balham. This Vintage Ale House is the first bar and restaurant in the UK by Goose Island. Sadly it’s a little out of the way for me, but if you’re heading that way be sure to look it up. ‘Preseason’ is a refreshing and lively lager with a long lasting foamy head. Pine is noted on the label but is perhaps more of a light aftertaste rather than a core flavour. Clocking in at a very reasonable 5.8% ABV you can assume that more than one will be required.

I may have been swayed by the balmy atmosphere but I would happily recommend a chilled sample or two of the Goose Island range, other notables being their Sofie and Matila (the Pale Ale).
Best served with: Goose Island pride themselves on their pairing abilities and their complex flavours stand up to this. Preseason would be fairly versatile but according to their own trials you should try alongside some Chorizo stuffed Medjool dates wrapped in bacon and served with a Romesco sauce!
Best to listen to: Rag N Bone Man - Bitter End - all puns fully intentional
(K. Dorrat)

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