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IPA Lawless Village and Bohemian Pilsner (gluten free) - Beer for all!
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Bellfield is the first dedicated gluten-free microbrewery in the UK with a heart to extend craft beer to all. With a background in food science my interest was peaked by the claim that this product was "the perfect combination of science and art.”

I also tend to gravitate towards products that are a labour of love and this beer was designed to meet a very specific need that the creators had struggled with themselves. An increasing number of people these days avoid gluten, some for preference, some intolerance and 1% of the UK population have coeliac disease and their only option is to actively avoid gluten. As most beer contains gluten, the problem is posed and Bellfield took up the challenge to create a GF beer that still tastes great!

Easier said than done, particularly with the techniques required to make their American style IPA Lawless Village (named after their neighbourhood in Portobello). However, as the team declare, this is a brew that is ‘born of grief – brewed with love.’

A product that retains the familiar taste and texture of a classic craft beer must be a very welcome and refreshing experience. Testing has been strict to ensure the GF standards are reached and the crossed grain symbol is now proudly displayed on their attractive packaging. The flavour profile of Lawless follows a well-worn path of citrus and floral notes, but specifically brings a lemony freshness which easily cuts through a hoppy aroma. What really stands out is the stunning copper colour on pouring, so clear and bright, carefully filtered. 

Keen to appeal to the wider public of course, Bellfield are not limiting their market to gluten avoiders. The character of their Bohemian Pilsner (4.5% ABV) was impressive enough to be a finalist in the 2016 Scottish Beer Awards and more recently walked away with a shiny Gold award for Best Beer at the Free From Food Awards. 

With these two under their belt, a strong crowdfunding campaign and a carefully researched wider range in the pipeline (including a trial with a gluten free barley from Australia) Bellfield are ones to watch, sample and enjoy.

Perfect to try with: Some fine veggie bean chilli to enjoy alongside your delicious vegan and gluten free Lawless Village IPA
Drink while listening to: ‘King Creosote – Diamond Mine’ album from start to crisp finish! (K. Dorrat)

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