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Brewshed Beers in Limekilns
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Tales from The Brewshed 

Capturing a little bit of history, Brew Shed beers from Limekilns in Fife have restored a tradition that disappeared from the village way back in the mid 1800s when the last known brewery there closed its doors. This was a surprise to home brewer Steven Hope who discovered amongst the archives stories of local scandals and some dubious tax dealings in the brewery business.

But now the harbour village is ready for a new hand crafted range and Brew Shed beers are being carefully created in a shed-sized nano-brewery to be sold on tap and in bottles in the popular Ship Inn on the scenic Firth of Forth shoreline. Being able to deliver by bike is proving handy for this small business but the pub too will no doubt benefit from having its own distinct craft beer to stand out from the crowd and give the regulars something to call their own.

 With delicate label drawings of the Ship Inn itself and names related to Limekilns streets and landmarks, the range has a local connection befitting the close knit community. After some experimenting with recipes and tweaking of hops and techniques, Brew Shed now present a delightful tasting selection of pale ales and pilsner. ‘Sentinel’ brings a fresh spritzy feel, while the ‘Sandilands’ Pale Ale has more of a kick at the same 5% ABV.

If you’re feeling a little more windswept after your daunder along the promenade you might prefer the headier Cairns Belgian Pale, racing in at a strong 6.9% volume. Having struggled through the necessary red tape to deliver his casks to the village, the output may still be small in scale but the flavours and character are plentiful. ‘Ramsay Lane’ is the classic American style IPA from Brew Shed and it hums along with a characteristic citrus tang that would sit well with a big chunk of cheese or a sharp fruit pudding depending on your mood.

Rumour has it bottles can also be purchased from the corner shop in Crossgates and look out for them popping up at the local sailing festivities. Even better take a visit to Limekilns for a walk along the beachfront with a great view of the Forth Bridges and a friendly pint in the Ship Inn to finish. (K. Dorrat) 

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