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Not everyone wants a month of deprivation and dryness in January, which means that for many of us wine is still on the table, if a little less frequently than in December. There are a few things that can help ease your liver through the month, avoiding champagne at breakfast is definitely one. Although you can get low alcohol wines (below 5%) they mostly don’t pass as wine. Instead, you can opt for wines that are just a percentage point or two in alcohol less than your normal bottle, so there’s no real difference in style. But by switching from a glass of 13% white wine to 11% white wine you will save around half an alcohol unit and 50 calories. 

Interestingly, Lidl have included a few lower alcohol wines in their latest wine cellar, their rolling parcel system where they introduce limited quantities of wines every season. That means some of the reds are 12% and some of the whites are as low as 10.5%. They are more ‘lower’ alcohol than low alcohol, but every little helps!

Two of the standouts are a Portuguese white and a French red. You wouldn’t guess their ‘lightness’ from their taste but they sit under the average at 10.5% and 12% respectively.

Rosario, Portugal £5.99
A deliciously bright and fresh tasting white with a tangy lemon character. Perfect on the sofa and with light bites.

Touraine, Cabernet Franc £4.49
Don’t be deceived into thinking light means weak. This has a lovely dark berry and currant flavour, a slightly leafy edge and leaves a refreshing flavour lingering. Eat with pork pies (to balance out the diet!) 

Both wines launch on the 26th January.
(N. Welch) 

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