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Mumbai Mansion
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Mumbai Mansion
250 Morrison Street,
0131 229 7173
Mon-Sun Lunch 12.00 pm - 2.00 pm Dinner 5.00 pm - 11 pm

Going down a storm. 

The Go-Between posited that the title 'mansion' invoked the refined and urbane (as opposed to rustic) nature of the Indian cuisine we were eating. Grouse, hake, venison, lobster and other fresh Scottish produce is grilled to retain maximum flavour and this constitutes the signature cooking style of Mumbai Mansion, a buzzy Haymarket restaurant that rose from the ashes of Michelin starred Mithas.

Proprietor Merwyn is a man with a purpose who intends for our meal to be a well-balanced & tasteful experience.

For starters the Go-Between, glowing from a rare tropical Edinburgh heat, is quick on the draw to opt for the cooling chicken & cucumber salad.  Finely minced chicken in a turmeric spiced sauce is rolled in slivers of cucumber, dressed with matchsticks of refreshing green apple.  My own starter of Guinea fowl is charred on the Tawa grill after slow cooking, resulting in deliciously juicy meat hot with a smoky edge tempered by a fruity tamarind sauce.  

By now cooler & less frazzled, my scoffing mate was ready to tackle the Butter Chicken  though destined for disappointment since for her Glasgow's Mother India makes the Mother of all butter chickens.  Nonetheless, this version had a very pleasing fruity tomatoey spin.  Our host had correctly recommended garlic rather than a sweet Peshawari naan as a more savoury complement to the dish's sweet character.  My hake, cooked separately from its sauce, retained its full flavour, beautiful white colour and flaky texture. Even the mushrooms in the saffron rice were uber  mushroomy.

As a finale, we were offered a clean digestive dessert in the form of mixed sorbets & ice creams .  Made fresh in house, they possessed a pure fruit quality rather than the over-sweetened mass market flavours. All were encased in a sesame tuille lacy basket that outshone any brandy snap. We also enjoyed a trio of mango in the form of mango & lime juice shot, mango panna cotta & mango sorbet on a mirepoix of mango which sent us back into the gathering thunderclouds ready for anything. (The Go-Between and S Wilson - in cahoots!)

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